The Zero Sniper Set is a B-Daman accessory pack from the Battle B-Daman series.

Zero Sniper Set


Created by the South Korean Sono Kong firm, the Sniper Set is essentially a pack of 2 laser sights designed specifically for use with B-Daman of the Battle B-Daman line.

2 Snipers come in this pack; a smaller one that can be used with any standard Battle B-Daman (including those of the Blaster Core System) and a much larger one that can be used with any B-Daman from the Sono Kong Super Size series. The larger sniper can still be used with a standard B-Daman but the piece fits loosely and risks falling off easily.

The smaller Sniper requires 2x AG batteries while the larger Sniper requires 2x AAA batteries in order to power the laser. The smaller sniper needs a Philips screwdriver in order to take apart and change the batteries, while the larger one has a hinged flap on the back which can be opened to change the batteries.

Each sniper comes with its own shoulder armor, which resembles a very basic form of Cobalt Blade's shoulder pads, and can be placed on either the left or right shoulder of the B-Daman. The smaller Sniper uses standard sized armor while the larger Sniper uses armor from the Super Size series. A part of the shoulder pad protrudes outwards and has a hole in the top, where the sniper can be attached, and acts as a pivot point to rotate the sniper to whatever you want to point it. While it can move side-to-side with ease, it cannot move up or down unless the B-Daman itself is moved. As well as already coming with its decals on, it comes with a spare sheet of decals for both Snipers.

A little switch is found at the tops of the snipers in order to turn them on or off. The smaller sniper's barrel can be twisted and pulled out a little to sharpen the laser, and the larger one's barrel can be pulled out quite a bit, to achieve the same purpose.


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