Yoshinori Kazama
Basic Information
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Age 11
Occupation B-Der
B-Daman Right Eagle
Left Lion

Blast Griffon (Fused)
Phantom Eagle (manga only)
Phantom Lion (manga only)
Phantom Griffon (fused, manga only)
Mirage Eagle (manga only)
Mirage Lion (manga only)
Mirage Griffon (fused, manga only)

Japanese Voice Actor Atsushi Kisaichi
English Voice Actor None

Yoshinori Kazama (Japanese: 風間美利(かざま よしのり), Kazama Yoshinori), also known as Billy of the Winds (Japanese: 風のビリー, Kaze no Billy), is one of the protagonists of the anime and manga series, Super B-Daman. His B-Daman are Right Eagle and Left Lion, which combine into Blast Griffon. He is also a rival of Gunma Nishibe


Yoshinori is a tall and slender preteen boy with black hair and grayish blue eyes. He wears a cowboy-style outfit consisting of a cream white Stetson hat, short-sleeved ash gray shirt, tan bolero, red scarf, blue pants, cream white x-shaped belt holsters for his twin B-Damans and cream white shoes. In the anime, the holsters and hat are of a light brown coloration.


Yoshinori is cool-headed and enigmatic, with a tendency to speak philosophically, as well as playing with the brim of his Stetson hat with his fingertips.



Super B-Daman (manga)

Super B-Daman (anime)


  • Blast Griffon - Billy's B-Daman which can split into either Right Eagle and Left Lion or fuse into Blast Griffon.



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