Wide Server is a B-Daman Accessory from the Battle B-Daman series.

Wide Server
Wide Server


The wide server is equipment meant for a B-Daman in Direct Hit Battle Mode. It has two gray pieces that lock onto the sides of the DHB Loader. Those pieces extend and hold onto the main loader piece above the B-Daman. This piece is a large red color and displays text saying "Wide Server". On the right side of the loader is where the B-Da Balls fall into the DHB barrel.

Hasbro released a different version to Takara's Wide Server, where a loader similar to the ones used by B-Daman who aren't in DHB mode is used, but on it's side instead. It clamps to one end of the DHB loader and a stopper is attached to the other end to prevent B-Da Balls falling out the opposite side. B-Da Balls are filled through a hole at the top of this loader (which comes with a lid when not in use).