Version-Up Parts are an advanced form of Tune-Up Gear featured in the Anime series, B-Daman Fireblast. They are designed specifically for use with the Emblem Charge System B-Daman.

Each Version-Up Part so far has been designed for use with a B-Daman that represents a Heavenly Beast of the Wu Xing:

List of known Version-Up Parts

Prod. Code Name Designed for Release Date
CB-58 Cannon Arm Drive=Garuburn November 22, 2012
CB-62 Buster Leg Kreis=Raydra December 28, 2012
CB-69 Blast Arm Drive=Garuburn February 23, 2013
CB-73 Magnum Arm Rising=Dracyan March 16, 2013
CB-77/78 Dash Stabilizer


Gatling=Deathshell April 27, 2013
CB-83 Ultimate Arm Drive=Garuburn July 20, 2013


  • Version up parts are not present in the Manga series.



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