This is a list of some of the characters from the Battle B-Daman series that appeared in the first season, how tall they are, how much they weigh, and how old they are.

This list is still under construction, and will change overtime.

Character: Age: Height: Weight: Notes:
Yamato Delgado 11 1.40 metres 38.6 kilograms Yamato is 11 in the first season, and 13 in the second season.
Grey Michael Vincent 12 1.56 metres 40 kilograms Grey is 12 in the first season, and 14 in the second season.
Terry McScotty 10 1.30 metres 29.3 kilograms Terry is 10 in the first season, and 11 in the second season.
Bull Borgnine 12 1.49 metres 48 kilograms The height information presented here is for Bull's wild form. His calm and brave forms are shorter.
Mie Delgado 26 Unknown Unknown n/a
Armada 97 2.04 metres 230 kilograms n/a
Liena Grace Vincent 12 1.50 metres 38 kilograms Liena is 12 in the first season, and 14 in the second season.
Enjyu 13 1.67 metres 45 kilograms Enjyu is 13 in the first season, and 14 in the second season.
Wen Yong Fa 12 1.42 metres 39 kilograms n/a
Li Yong Fa 09 1.32 metres 30.2 kilograms n/a
Ababa 65 1.03 metres 17 kilograms n/a
Cain McDonnell 13 1.62 metres 45 kilograms n/a
Joshua 16 1.78 metres 64 kilograms n/a
Joe Tetsunosuke 18 1.83 metres 82 kilograms n/a
Sly 18 1.75 metres 95 kilograms n/a
Assado 08 1.27 metres 27 kilograms n/a
Berkhart 12 1.46 metres 35 kilograms n/a
Sigma 14 Unknown Unknown n/a
Miss Karat 14 Unknown Unknown n/a
Vinnie V 20's Unknown Unknown n/a
Marilyn 14 Unknown Unknown n/a
Biarce 11 1.48 metres 34 kilograms n/a

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