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    Proto 01 investigation

    November 3, 2013 by BeyFighter

    What do you think the system of WBMA Proto 01 ? And more about Proto 01

    For me WBMA  Proto 01s system is Pen-B System because its very similar to Pen B System B Damans. Pen B Bdamans cannot be customize but has "MAIL" customization, But on Proto 01, only the hands can be remove aswell as Pen B Bdamans. SO WHAT DO YOU THINK THE SYSTEM OF WBMA PROTO 01?

    a.Pen B System

    b. Core Change System

    c. Emblem Charge System


    And another thing. Do you want Proto 01 to evole?

    Yes or No

    leave your answers below!

    • Sorry for mistakes of spelling and grammar. IT NOT MY FAULT!
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