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Triple Gillusion
Product Code CB-82
Type Special
Price 2,310円
System Emblem Charge System
Series B-Daman Fireblast
Release Dates
Japan July 20, 2013
English TBA
Body Set Gillusion
Core Part Triple
Power 7
Rapid-Fire 7
Control 6
Owner Roma Day
Ryōma (Legendary Phoenix)
First Appearance The Ultimate Enemy! Triple=Gillusion
Special Move(s) Trident Phantom
Trident Phantom The End (Triple Emblem Charge)
Destroy all creation, Triple Gillusion!

Roma using Gillusion's eCharge Shot Trident Phantom The End

Triple Gillusion (Japanese: トリプル=ギルシオン, Toripuru=Girushion) is a Special-Type B-Daman that is part of the Emblem Charge System. It was released in Japan on July 20, 2013 for 2,310円. It is wielded by Roma Day in the B-Daman Fireblast anime, and is the arch-nemesis of Spike=Phoenix.

Body Set: Gillusion

Head Part: Gillusion Head

The Gillusion Head is composed of a combination between pieces of Left=Starion and Right=Drake's own Head Parts. It borrows the black dragon helm from Drake but conversely uses more from Starion. This includes the central piece of Starion's Mane Parts placed between the horns of Drake's Head Armor, forming the Kirin Sight for aiming. It also uses the larger two pieces of the Mane Parts on the Drake Head Armor's sides, creating kirin whiskers. The two white eye-parts from both Left=Starion and Right=Drake are also equipped, forming the B-Daman's visor.

Emblem Parts

Gillusion does not harbor its own Emblem Parts but rather utilizes Left=Starion and Right=Drake's. Due to its design, Starion and Drake's Emblem Parts cannot affect Gillusion's Core and only theirs. These consist of the red, hexagon-shaped Emblem fitted on the right Drake Arm and the blue, hexagon-like one found on the left Starion Arm. Pushing these pieces will add additional friction and force only to the Left and Right Cores when shooting B-Dama.

Stud Parts

This B-Daman does not have Studs itself but because of being connected to Left=Starion and Right=Drake, they act as Gillusion's Stud Parts.

Arm Parts: Gillusion Arms

The Gillusion Arms have the same mold as its combined B-Daman - black with yellow decals for each fist. Its only distinction are Starion's Tip Parts used as shoulder guards here. The Cores Left and Right connect to these via a protrusion.

Leg Part: Gillusion Leg

Other than its Core, the Gillusion Leg is this figure's only part different in mold from Drake and Starion. It is black with a raised protrusion on each foot decorated with turquoise stickers. Along with this, it takes Drake's white Leg Part armour for use on this piece.

Core Part: Triple

Triple is unique in that it is the first three-in-one B-Daman Core. As the name suggests, it is connected to the Left and Right Cores and shares a Trigger also connected to them. The Triggers are connected via the Head Armor from Starion, as well as the Large Grip handles from Starion and Drake. As a result, this Large Trigger Pad is pushed to fire B-Dama loaded in Left, Triple, and Right simultaneously in what is known as a "Triple Shot".

Mode Change: Triple Power Mode

To achieve Triple Power Mode (Japanese: トリプルマガジンモード, Triple Magazine Mode) you would need a Scope Magazine w/ Wide Magazine nozzle for the central Head Part, a System Magazine for the Drake Head, and a Cyclone Magazine (with the top half removed) for the Starion Head. By adding these magazines to Gillusion, its load capacity for B-Dama is increased by a significant amount. This configuration is specific to the anime, so any three magazines could be used for this mode.

B-Daman Fireblast (anime)


Gillusion is malevolent with a superiority complex, along with being manipulative, cruel, and power-hungry, having sought to gain control over all of Crestland. He also bears an ancient grudge with his arch-enemy, Spike=Phoenix, and would want nothing less to see him destroyed. Gillusion also sees anybody he puts under his wicked spell as a pawn, even his own partner, the Grand B-Master, Roma Day.

Special Attacks

  • Trident Phantom: The standard Super-Shot of Triple Gillusion. Consists of a Triple Shot engulfed in sinister flames glowing with a light green aura.
  • Trident Phantom The End: Gillusion's "Triple Emblem Charge" shot. Three orbs appear; one red with the Drake motif, a blue one with the Starion motif, and a smaller light green orb, and then overlap and combine to form the Gillusion B-Animal, which neighs and transforms into a trident made of evil energy.


  • Kneel before Triple Gillusion! - Entrance phrase
  • That's an impressive upgrade! - Commenting on the Ultimate Arm
  • Now we understand what this new Garuburn is capable of. - Commenting on Ultimate Drive Garuburn.
  • Enough, you are the Grand B-Master, you don't need them or anyone else now. - Telling Roma that he doesn't need his family or anyone else
  • (Evil laugh) At last, after thousands of years, revenge will be mine! Spike Phoenix, I will permanently banish you once and for all! - Near triumph against his ancient rival
  • What?! - Losing control of Roma
  • Kamon Day, as the newly-crowned King of the B-Shots, you're the perfect choice to become my servant. Follow me into the world of darkness! - Attempting to control Kamon at the Phoenix Grand Prix.
  • You lie! - Reaction to Akari Komyouji's claim that Kamon has the same strength as Spike Phoenix's original wielder
  • Not again!! - Reaction to Spike Phoenix's B-Animal returning to its B-Daman body

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Triple=Gillusion is one of the two Supreme Mystical Beasts of Crestland, alongside Spike Phoenix. According to the ancient inscriptions, Gillusion can control minds, using the life energy of whoever is his wielder (or servant in his perspective). Gillusion could use this power three times on three different individuals, as revealed in We're Ultimate! Ultimate Drive=Garuburn!.

Gillusion sought to destroy Phoenix and take control of everything. However, if they were to battle in their spirit forms, Crestland and its inhabitants would've been destroyed, thus they sealed themselves into vessels that two warriors would wield on their behalf. In the very first B-Daman battle in Crestland, which took place on Phoenix Battle Island, the two legendary B-Animals (in the forms of their respective B-Damans) and their wielders fought fiercely in a game of Break Bomber. It was revealed in Showdown at the Summit! Kamon vs Kakeru! that Gillusion attempted to control his rival's master during the battle, but the latter resisted it. The Phoenix and his wielder won out, leaving the Kylin B-Animal and his wielder embittered at this defeat. Sometime afterwards, Gillusion was separated into two component B-Damans and sealed away in separate locations.

Centuries later, archaeologist Himiko Day finds one of these B-Damans, Right Drake, on an excavation of an ancient temple and gives it to her middle-born child, Roma, after she completed her studies of it and asking the authorities for permission to give it to him. In addition, a man working for the prominent Shiranui Corporation named Genya Ankokuji, whose family are the descendants of the warrior who wielded Gillusion, sought out the Kylin B-Daman. After finding Left Stallion, he had to give it to Roma, who had Right Drake. This allowed Gillusion to return, as he then took control of the Grand B-Master.

Through Roma and his alliance with Genya (who took on the alias of "Agent Dark"), Gillusion established the Road Fight and its rules, especially one in particular, where the loser must do as the winner says, that which caused unrest among Crestland's B-Shots. The punishments for breaking the rules of the Road Fight were also used as a means to oppress people. At one point, he took control of a woman named Akari Komyouji, who is a descendant of Spike Phoenix's wielder, and had her serve as his partner's right-hand woman, in the guise of "Agent Chaos". When Roma's younger brother, Kamon challenged him, Gillusion was used for the battle. With his overwhelming power, Gillusion easily defeats Kamon and his Drive Garuburn, banishing his B-Animal and scattering the pieces all around the world. His abilities were then used to suppress Kamon's memories up to that point.

Gillusion first appeared in the anime as an unknown, silhouetted B-Daman seen in a vision Kamon has of Roma, when he goes into his Dark state the first time, in I'll Protect It! DX Break Bomber 7!. Though he did not physically appear, his mind control ability was used by the Grand B-Master himself in The Blue Showdown! Garuburn VS Dracyan to restore Kamon's memories while forcefully taking control of him and Drive Garuburn, both of whom were subsequently freed by Riki and Dracyan in Final Battle! Garuburn VS Dracyan.

Although he was not named, Gillusion was mentioned as the Kylin in the ancient legend of Crestland by Himiko in Mystery! The Legend of Crest Land. He also appeared in the episode's ancient times flashback sequence, again as a silhouetted B-Daman, with the difference being its crown now resembling a trident. In Decisive Battle! Garuburn VS Deathshell, he splits into his component forms, Right=Drake and Left=Starion. The episode after that, the two B-Damans were used by Roma against Bakuga and Jenta in a game of DX Break Bomber 7 on Phoenix Battle Island, defeating them in The Ultimate Enemy! Triple=Gillusion. In the same episode, Gillusion was used to defeat Riki Ryugasaki and Hugo Raidoh, and later, Kamon in Meteor Bomber.

In Helping Out! Spike=Phoenix, Gillusion's power was tested against the energy shield generated by Spike=Phoenix's B-Animal-less body, as he also remarked his annoyance at this, and the intent of finally ending his ancient grudge. Two episodes later, Gillusion and his component forms were used in a 1-on-2 Meteor Bomber battle against Basara Kurochi and Ryudo Tsunotsuki. Roma and Gillusion won, as Ryudo took the brunt of the Kylin's eCharge Shot, pushing Basara out of the way. At the end of the episode, Kamon and Ultimate Drive Garuburn began their battle with the Grand B-Master and Gillusion, continuing onto Episode 42, Crush! Dark's Ambition. The battle ended in a tie, when Roma caught sight of the family photo, and a damaged B-Raptor shows up and fired at Roma's side of the playing field, prompting Gillusion to make his escape with the Grand B-Master.

In Ultimate Showdown! Ultimate Rising=Dracyan, Gillusion was used in a battle between Roma and Novu with his Ultimate Dragren during the first round of the Phoenix Grand Prix. At the climax of the subsequent episode, during the first battle of the second round between Roma and Jenta, the Kylin B-Daman was used to defeat the latter with his eCharge Shot "Trident Phantom The End". Gillusion appears again at the end of A New Stage! The Semi-Final Kicks Off where Roma fires a Triple Shot from him into the air, in anticipation to the battle to come.

In Here at Last! The Fiery Showdown of Brothers, Left=Starion and Right=Drake form Gillusion on their own, as the sinister Ultimate Holy Beast B-Daman further exerts his control over Roma while causing swirling, storm-like clouds to form over the arena. Just as Kamon and Garuburn uses Spike=Phoenix's power, he laughs evilly, claiming that revenge will finally be his. However, the tables turned on the Kylin B-Daman when he suddenly loses control of Roma, and becoming surprised at this, just as Kamon and Garuburn defeats them. A now-unresponsive Gillusion was dropped to the floor by Roma, before the latter relapsed and fainted.

In the episode afterwards, Gillusion's B-Daman body was put under lockdown at WBMA Headquarters, placed in an observation cell with laser tripwires, with security guards on the outside. During his coma, Roma was haunted by a vision of the B-Animals of Drake, Starion, and Gillusion taunting him about his fear of being surpassed by Kamon. At the end of the episode, the Kylin B-Daman himself lets out a sinister chuckle as he reawakens in the cell that he is locked up in. In "Showdown at the Summit! Kamon VS Kakeru!", Gillusion appeared at the stadium for the final time, attempting to put Kamon under his mind control only for the latter to resist. The Kirin is finally defeated, when he is placed in a sort of eCharge trap, and was neutralized with Spike=Phoenix's power. On Phoenix Battle Island, he is sealed away with the Phoenix B-Daman, finally putting an end to the ancient conflict.





  • Gillusion is a portmanteau of "giraffe" and "illusion", the latter of which referring to its ability to manipulate the hearts of men, and the former referring to the association of giraffes with the kirin from East Asian mythology.
  • The kirin (also known as the qilin by the Chinese) is known in mythology for being a vegetarian, is quiet in nature, can walk on grass without disturbing it, punishes wicked people, and is an omen that brings serenity.
  • It was claimed by Genya Ankokuji in Crush! Dark's Ambition that Roma cannot be freed from the influence of Gillusion's powers. That was proven false when Roma and Gillusion were defeated in ES050.
  • The Triple Shot gimmick was first used by Crash B-Daman's Omega Bahamut, albeit under a different mechanism.
  • Unlike Spike Phoenix, Gillusion produced a red energy shield instead of a blue one like his rival did.
  • Gillusion is voiced by Tomokazu Sugita in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Andrew Francis in the English dub.

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