To fire a marble from a B-Daman, one must push its Trigger. Over the years in the B-Daman franchise, there have been different types of Triggers. Normal Triggers are basic and have no gimmick, but can still get the job done.

Normal Triggers

Smash Trigger

A Smash Trigger (Japanese: スマッシュトリガー, Sumasshu Torigā) is a lever-type Trigger where instead of pushing forward, one pushes downward to fire the B-Dama

List of B-Daman products with this Trigger type

Long-lengthed Triggers

König Cerberus

Chrome Zephyr

Break Core=Thunder Dracyan

Twin Core=Double Drazeros

Heavy Twin Core=Double Drazeros

Assault Core=Assault=Dragren

Stream Core=Stream=Drazeros

Right Drake

Burst Triggers (Pull-and-push)

Thunder Bison

Short-Stroke Triggers

One Handled Triggers

Lightning Fin

Version-Up Part - Blast Arm

Short-lengthed Triggers

Left Starion

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