The Tornado Target (Japanese: トルネードターゲット, Torunēdotāgetto) is a type of B-Daman shooting target that is exclusive to the B-Daman Crossfire series in Japan.


The Tornado Target has a low profile, with a Y-shaped design with rightward protrusions somewhat resembling bat wings. It has four spaces on its underside for holding B-Dama, three outward and one in the center. These B-Dama are required for the Tornado Target's gimmick, in which it can be made to slide forward or spin in place when it is fired at, similar to the Battle Puck.


The Tornado Target was first released in the CB-40 Twin=Drazeros SP Set, in pairs of a purple coloration with gradient black/red/yellow stickers with white outlines. A blue version was later released in the CB-55 Official Target 3 pack, along with four gold-colored Dragon Targets. In addition, a semi-translucent red version was also distributed as a tournament prize.

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