Thunder Bison
Burst Bison

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Product Code CB-41
Type Power Rapid Fire
Price 787円 (Japan)
$8.99 (U.S.A.)
System Core Change System
Series B-Daman Crossfire
Release Dates
Japan May 19, 2012
English N/A
Body Set Bison
Core Part Burst/Thunder
Power 6.5/10
Rapid-Fire 9/10
Control 2/10
Owner Gunner Arano
First Appearance Wild West GP
Special Move(s) Power Charge

Thunder Bison (Japanese: バースト=バイソン, Bāsuto=Baison, Burst=Bison) is a Power Rapid Fire Type Core Change System B-Daman.

It appears in the anime series, B-Daman Crossfire and B-Daman Fireblast, owned by Gunner Arano.

Take it down, Thunder Bison!

Gunner Arano, firing Thunder Bison's Super-Shot, Power Charge.

Body Set: Bison 

Head Part: Bison Head

This Head Part is based on a bull's face as evident through its design. It is a bright red, using a red and black decal on its forehead with a red, golden-edged hexagon depicting a black bull's head with red eyes. It features two long, curved horns known as the "Bison Horns". Due to their design (with its multitude of indents), it serves as a Grip for the B-Daman. Additionally, they attach at the head's sides and are detachable to be placed onto the Bison Arms, acting as Stabilizers for "Stabilizer Mode/Full Horn Mode".

Arm Parts: Bison Arms

The Arm Parts have big cylindrical armor plates using black, gray and red stickers resembling waves. The rest of these bright red arms are longer and thinner, also using yellow and blue stickers at the hands. It also features holes for the Bison Horns to attach, converting the B-Daman into Stabilizer/Full Horn Mode.

Stud Parts

These Stud Parts are copper-brown in color.

Leg Part: Bison Leg

The Leg Part is rather large in surface area, thanks to how long and thick the feet area is with circular impressions. They are bright red and use red, black, gray, yellow and blue stickers.

Core Part: Burst

The Burst Core, unlike with most other Core Parts, has no spring in its Trigger, which is where its gimmick comes in; a special extension, the Bison Grip, allows the user to pull and push the Trigger to fire B-Dama very quickly. It uses the same type of body shell as Spin. In addition, the Bison Horn can be attached to the core as parts of a barrel extension.

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