Super Five Fields & Limited Clear Ver. Armor Set
Product Number 56
Price 4800円
B-Daman Chrome Zephyr, Helio Breaker, Bakuso & Wing Ninja
Accessories Crystal generic B-Daman, crystal DHB Armor
B-Dama 10
Japanese Release Date

The Super 5 Fields Set (Japanese: バトルビーダマン56スーパー5大フィールド, Batorubīdaman 56 sūpā 5 dai fīrudo) comes from Japan and provides a platform where various B-Daman games can be played. The platforms all have a cardboard base with a blue 'ZERO' system design with plastic railings so B-Dama stay within the field.

This set's platform can be changed and shaped into 5 different shapes that allows for different types of games to be played on each. This particular set also comes with limited edition clear armor sets but only one clear IBA B-Daman body.

These 5 fields correspond to the Super Five Fields and their guardians as seen in the Battle B-Daman anime. A video demonstrating the use of the Super 5 Fields can be found here.

Contents of the Box

  • Plastic railings and cardboard flats to construct the fields.
  • Yellow plastic clips to hold the railings and field shape in place.
  • 2 plastic blades which when placed on the field, can be rotated by shooting B-Dama at.
  • 8 cardboard IBA B-Daman which stand using plastic clips and are used for target shooting.
  • A packet of 10 B-Dama.
  • 1 clear blue IBA B-Daman with clear red DHB armor.
  • Clear black Chrome Zephyr armor.
  • Clear yellow and blue Helio Breaker armor.
  • Clear blue Bakuso armor.
  • Clear white (or crystal) Wing Ninja armor.
  • Sticker sheets for the B-Daman and different armor sets.


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