This is the group from Neon City. The members are:

  • Cain McDonnell: He is the leader of the Super Five. At first, he pretended to be a good guy, but it was later learned that this was a trick in order to destroy Cobalt Blade. Cain later joined the Neo Shadow Alliance with Joshua. In the final battle against the Neo Shadow Alliance, he was defeated by Grey. His B-Daman is Knight Cavalry which later destroyed and replaced with Black Knight and then again replaced with Lord Cavalry. His harsh past might be the reason why he turned evil. He uses his good looks to be a player among all girls.
  • Assado: Assado is the one with the lion-headed cape and member of the Super Five Field Guardians. He was the 1st opponent Yamato faced. His B-Daman is Accel Leon. He appeared later on and apologized for helping Cain in his evil plan. He also joined forces with Yamato to defeat the Neo Shadow Alliance, controlled Robot B-Da Player Manual who had taken over the school where Assado studied.
  • Joe: Joe is another member of the Super Five Field Guardians and the 2nd opponent whom Bull faced. Joe is a friend to Terry. His B-Daman is Samurai Phoenix. Joe also appeared in Winners Tournament as Player X during qualifying round.
  • Sly: Sly is the member of the Super Five Field Guardians and 3rd opponent whom Terry had to face. His B-Daman is Shield Giga.
  • Joshua: Joshua is the member of the Super Five Field Guardians and 4th opponent whom Bull had to face. Joshua later joined the Neo Shadow Alliance with Cain. It was later revealed that Joshua is Cain's butler instead of just a friend. When Cain was defeated, Joshua carried the unconscious Cain out of the NSA base to an unknown location. His B-Daman is Dragogale. He cries when Cain breaks their special B-DaBall.
  • Marilyn: She is the field judge of the Super 5 tournament.


The members of the Super Five Field Guardians

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