The Super Bomberman series (Japanese: スーパーボンバーマンシリーズ, Sūpābonbāmanshirīzu) is the very first iteration of the B-Daman toy franchise, introduced in 1993. A later version of this series was introduced in November 1995 for the Super B-Daman toyline.


These first-ever B-Damans in this series were originally promotional toys for Super Bomberman in Japan. Due to their simplistic nature, their Triggers do not have a spring in them, they could not be customized (the concept of customizable B-Daman would come at a later time), and B-Dama could only be loaded from the front. But, the idea is the same as all subsequent B-Daman toys; you would push the Trigger on the back of the back of the toy through the Hold Parts, launching the marble.

1995 iteration (Super B-Daman)

The Super B-Daman toyline was introduced in Japan in November 1995, three months after Bomberman B-Daman Bakugaiden came out. This version of the Super Bomberman series, like the older 1993 iteration, featured B-Daman toys based on the characters from the Super Bomberman games. There is a few new twists that would forever change B-Daman history; the toys can be customized, in addition to a removable cap on the back of the head to allow reloading from that area. 

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