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Explosive Rival Battle! The B-Dama Warrior
爆闘ライバル! ビー玉戦士
English (Dubbed) TBA
English (Translated) Explosive Rival Battle! The B-Dama Warrior
Japanese (Katakana) 爆闘ライバル! ビー玉戦士
Japanese (Romanised) Bakutou raibaru! Bī-dama senshi
Series Details
Season Super B-Daman
Episode Number 01
Debut Airdate(s)
Japan 4 January 1999
United States N/A
Theme Music
Opening (Japanese) Ready B-Fight!
Ending (Japanese) Pop! Max Shot
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Ending (English) {{{ed-theme-en}}}
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N/A Explosive Showdown - The Golden Magician, Cerer

Explosive Rival Battle! The B-Dama Warrior is the first episode of the Super B-Daman season. It first aired on January 4, 1999.


At a construction site, a young B-Der named Tamago Tosaka tests out his B-Daman in an accuracy test to hit a moving can. As Tamago carefully focuses on this one shot, his long assortment of red hair rises as Tamago is about to shoot his B-Dama. In an instant, the B-Daman fires its B-Dama in a straight line to the can and successfully hits the target, much to Tamago's zeal. His zeal runs short however when his uncle, Tamashi, interrupts his nephew, and yells at him for playing at his construction site. Tamago dismisses this, stating that his uncle is being too mean and that if he keeps this up, he will not play with him anymore; alarming Tamashi as Tamago runs off to seek new areas of play.

At a nearby playground are various B-Ders enjoying the game of B-Daman. One B-Der goes against another named Gunma Nishibe. Their goal is to hit the target (two cans) set up at opposite sides from them. While the B-Ders prepare their launch technique and fire, Gunma's opponent is unsuccessful in the hit, but as for Gunma himself, he has easily claimed victory and arrogantly laughs in his opponent's failure. As a result, Gunma commands everyone to declare him as the self-proclaimed "B-Daman Boss" and immediately orders every B-Der to give up their B-Dama to him; considering how "low in rank" they are to him. While the B-Ders outrage at this idea and refuse, Tamago has arrived.

Everybody cheers for Tamago's return, as he startles Gunma when they meet. The B-Ders tell Gunma at how he should first face Tamago before becoming the "B-Daman Boss", because Tamago has remained undefeated to them. Though doubtful of the idea, Gunma accepts anyway and tells Tamago that it is getting late and advises that they meet up for the battle tomorrow, with Tamago accepting.

The next day, Tamago finds himself sleeping in the construction site - wondering how he ever came to be there in the first place. Gunma and the B-Der spectators reveal to Tamago that he slept in too late and thus, brought him to the site, as it was considered to be a good place to fight, according to Gunma. After Tamago acknowledges this, Gunma reveals the challenge of the game: to be the first B-Der to shoot the target. Accepting this, Tamago brings in his White B-Daman while Gunma reveals how people call him "Sniper Gunma". Putting on his gloves and his goggles, along with a sniper-like add-on to his Black B-Daman, Gunma is prepared for battle. Tamaga is not intimated however, rather amazed. Both B-Ders load their B-Dama and simultaneously fire, with Gunma's marble heading straight for the target whilst Tamago's aims for a nearby wall. Gunma can already predicts the outcome and laughs, but does not realize the nature of Tamago's strategy. Tamago's B-Dama bounces off the wall and hits the target - surprisingly faster than what everyone had expected. As a result, everyone is amazed and shocked at Tamago's surprise attack; Gunma especially. Tamashi then interrupts the occasion, once again yelling at Tamago for using his construction site for play.

Later on, Tamago pesters Gunma at school for another possible battle. Gunma does not want another one, already ashamed of the previous fight. He enters the boy's bathroom and locks himself in, hoping to be safe from Tamago. Despite this, Tamago jumps up to the bathroom door cover while Gunma screams in fright. He opens the door and kicks Tamago away, as multiple objects collapse and cover him. Tamago is able to escape easily, and asks once more for a subsequent battle. Gunma still declines as he has not gotten over his immense defeat. To make him feel better, Tamago suggests a rematch instead, which definitely has Gunma in agreement.

After school, the boys go to a park for their rematch. The challenge is the same as the previous, with the shooting and aiming at the target. Tamago and Gunma ready themselves, but just when Tamago is about to shoot, Gunma has already hit the target with such precision and ease. This shocks Tamago, surprised at the sudden speed that Gunma has released. Tamago tries to compensate for this by pushing the arms of his B-Daman so hard that he thinks will increase the strength of the shot. The result is otherwise, because Tamago has only broken the arms of his B-Daman and in seconds, cries in total dismay. Tamago's cry is so audible that everyone, Gunma and the spectators have to cover their ears in order to lower the volume. Gunma tells Tamago to calm down as he takes Tamago's B-Daman. Tamago asks what he is going to do, and Gunma unlocks his case which holds repairing equipment for any case. While he takes apart the B-Daman (with Tamago crying each louder), Gunma is frightened again and tells him to calm down. He grabs an extra set of arms and uses a tool to put the B-Daman together. Upon this, he hands Tamago his B-Daman back, and the latter is happy once more.

Later that night, Tamago creates blueprints for a B-Daman that he would love to construct and build; inspired by Gunma's fixing of his figure. As he goes to sleep, Tamashi sneaks into his room to find these blueprints; surprised by how much passion his nephew has for B-Daman.

The next day, Tamago searches for another battle in B-Daman, but instead finds Gunma walking towards a bridge. Surprised, he immediately chases Gunma and when the latter turns back and finds Tamago, Gunma not only gets frightened, but runs away from Tamago and towards the bridge. Tamago is fast enough to jump and collapse on top of him, unintentionally dropping one of Gunma's B-Damans off the bridge in the process. This collapse later has Tamago almost fall off the bridge until Gunma has him in his grasp. Pulling him back over, Tamago thanks Gunma for his help, but offers to help him retrieve back his fallen B-Daman. The two dash downstairs and find that the marble shooter is in the middle of a drive-way, where multiple vehicles are going to and fro. Gunma immediately gets another B-Daman and loads the marbles, knowing that he must save his other figure. Aiming for just the right moment with perfect accuracy and precision; Gunma fires B-Dama but is unfortunate in missing. Thanks to Tamago however, he already had his B-Daman loaded with marbles and begins shooting B-Dama at the figure. The B-Dama help to push the figure closer and closer to the side-walk and with enough effort; has saved the B-Daman.

The two boys later cross the clear road for Gunma to retrieve his almost-destroyed B-Daman. As he picks it up and thanks Tamago, he notices how Tamago's B-Daman is having a strange glow of an aura. Tamago turns to look at it, finding anime eyes that suddenly appear on his figure. Zealous with what he has seen, Tamago goes on to dub his new B-Daman "Super B-Daman White".

Major Events

  • Tamago meets Gunma and defeats him in a B-Dabattle, when the latter attempts to secure every B-Der's B-Dama.
  • Tamago and Gunma later have a rematch where Gunma wins, but Tamago's B-Daman breaks; Gunma subsequently repairs it.
  • One of Gunma's B-Daman is then caught on a roadway with oncoming traffic, and Tamago saves it from being run over by a scooter.



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AFX Super B-daman Ep 1 ver 2 Vietsub-024:07

AFX Super B-daman Ep 1 ver 2 Vietsub-0

Vietnamese subbing of Episode 1




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