Super-Shots are special shooting techniques featured in B-Daman Crossfire


When a Super-Shot is fired, the marble(s) will be surrounded in an energy aura through which a B-Daman's B-Animal could manifest. It can be done both with or without the Cross Fight Gear gloves. Only during a Cross Fight challenge in the playing field could the B-Animal manifest in the Super-Shots.

List of known Super-Shots

Thunder Dracyan: Stormy/Rising Dragon Blast

Lightning Dravise: Tornado String/Spiral Attack/Shot,

Strike Dragren: Exploding/Floating/Stormy Dragon Stinger/Slash

Double Drazeros: Double-Headed Dragon Strike

Smash Dragold: Power Smash

Lightning Fin: Machine Gun Strike / Genius Shark

Strike Avian: Charge Shot

Thunder Bearga: Claw Slash

Lightning Scorpio: Venom Fire

Strike Cobra: Venom Bite

Lightning Diles: Fang Strike

Strike Tigare: Palm Blast

Thunder Bison: Burst Shot

Drift Jaku: Hurricane Drift

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