Shock! An Assassin from Magajin!! (Japanese: シヨック! 禍神の刺客!!, shiyokku! magajin no shikaku) is the third chapter of the second volume in the manga series, Crash B-Daman by Tomoya Kuratani.


Hitto arrives at the local church to find his "disciple" facing the anger of the deadly assassin, Kodoh Kuraki. Hitto soon learns that everything is just an elaborate show put up by his father's abductors in order for them to take the Magnum Ifrit.

Now, both "Master" and "Disciple" are pitted in a deathmatch that are against their will.

Characters Seen

B-Daman Seen

Battles Seen

  • Hitto Tamaga vs Teruma Kamioka


Japanese Raws

Translated (English)

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