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"Ryoma" redirects here. For the character from the Cross Fight B-Daman: Legendary Phoenix manga, see Ryoma (manga).
Ryoma Godai
Basic Information
Hair Dark Olive Green
Eyes Purplish-Red
Age Unknown
Occupation Grand B-Master (Former)
B-Daman Developer (in training)
B-Daman Triple=Gillusion (Sealed away)
Left=Starion (Sealed away)
Right=Drake (Sealed away)
Japanese Voice Actor Tomoaki Maeno
English Voice Actor TBA
Troublesome little brother.

—Ryoma refering to Kamon.

Ryoma Godai (Japanese: ごだいリョーマ, Godai Ryoma) is the main antagonist of B-Daman Fireblast. He is the wielder of none other than the legendary Kirin B-Daman, Triple=Gillusion. He is the Grand B-Master of Crest Land, and the middle child of the Godai family, being Kamon and Aona's older and younger brother respectively.


Ryoma is shown to wear a deep blue cloak, with a green cloth around his shoulders. Most of his face is concealed by the cloak's hood, as well as a metallic helm covering his eyes and nose, except for his mouth. Around his neck is a red, button-up standing collar. There is also a plume of yellow on the cloak's hood as well. When he unmasked himself in The Blue Showdown! Garuburn VS Dracyan, he is shown to have purplish-red eyes and dark green hair. Confirming this further is the presence of Ryoma in the Godai family photo, when he was a toddler, in Strong Ally! Magnum Arm!.


Ryoma is a dark, vile, scheming tyrant, corrupted by his position as the Grand B-Master, and the knowledge of the power and control that comes with it, ruling over the B-Ders of Crest Land with an iron fist. He did not see heart-to-heart with his younger brother, Kamon Godai, believing that his kind-hearted personality (and the concept of family) is a weakness. He also believes that B-Daman is just another way to gain power, and in survival of the fittest, in which strong B-Ders overcome the weaker ones. Ryoma is also ruthless in battle, especially on that fateful day, prior to the events of B-Daman Fireblast, that he caused the loss of Drive=Garuburn's B-Animal and of his brother's memories as a B-Der. Yet, he wants him to regain his memories, so that he could force him to bring out his inner darkness. He is also not above having others, such as Agent Chaos, his right-hand woman, the Master Guardians, any B-Der he brainwashes, or the meaner-spirited B-Ders of Crest Land (through the rules of the Road Fight) do his dirty work for him, in terms of oppressing weaker B-Ders. For some reason, he seems to acknowledge that even though he's the Grand B-Master, he is not necessarily above the W.B.M.A.'s authority on B-Daman in general. However, he fiercely opposes the W.B.M.A.'s idea of playing B-Daman for fun, especially when in You're the Eastern B-Master, he used his own younger brother as a puppet, after forcefully bringing out his inner darkness, to ban the Cross Fight from Crest Land and for any B-Der that participates in them to be annihilated. Not only that, but he also holds little respect for his own father, as evidenced when he had his henchmen trap him in a net. It was also mentioned by Gogyo himself in Strong Ally! Magnum Arm! that before his corruption, he allowed Kamon to become the Southern B-Master. He is also shown to have no tolerance for any failures to his plans in ES026, especially when he took it out on Raydra by painfully squeezing him. It is revealed in ES038 that he was being manipulated by Triple=Gillusion the whole time, as evidenced in a headache forced upon him by the evil B-Daman. It is also revealed in ES040 that prior to being controlled by the Kirin B-Daman, he and Kamon were very close to one another.



Prior to becoming the Grand B-Master, Ryoma and his younger brother, Kamon were very close to one another. At one point in time, his mother, Himiko Godai, unearthed Right=Drake on an archaeological dig. It was given to Ryoma after it was inspected by the authorities. Later, during his time as the Grand B-Master, Genya Ankokuji, who worked for the Shiranui Corporation, finds Left=Starion and gives it to Ryoma, resurrecting Triple=Gillusion, which then brainwashed him. As a result, Ryoma became a puppet of Gillusion's moving at the greedy employee's will. It was through this manipulation that the Road Fight and its rules were established in Crest Land. One fateful day, he was confronted by Kamon over the unrest caused by the rules, and was challenged to a Road Fight. 

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