Product Code 023
Price 525円
Release Dates
Japan April 2006
English Never

The Panzerfaust (Japanese: パンツァーファウスト, Pantsu~āfausuto) is a Crash Weapon introduced in the Crash B-Daman toyline. It was released in April 2006 in Japan for 525円.


The Panzerfaust is unique among the other Crash Weapons, in which it does not fire B-Dama or .98 caliber grenades, but rather a .67 caliber missile instead. It has a lengthy Trigger for firing such a projectile. When the missile is fired from the Panzerfaust, it has two wings that open backwards as it flew towards a target. To load the missile into the Crash Weapon, one must fold its wings forward to collapse them, so that it would fit into the barrel.



  • In the anime series, the Panzer Faust is exclusively used by adult characters in the series namely Daizou Ohka for his Evil Levioth and Jou Fukairi for his Iron Odin.
  • A panzerfaust (meaning "tank fist" or "armor fist" in German) is a low-cost, single-use, recoilless anti-tank weapon used by the Germans in WWII to destroy enemy tanks with anti-tank rockets.




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