Offense and Defense of Strength (Japanese: 強さの攻防, tsuyosa no kōbō) is the fifth chapter of the first volume in the manga series, Crash B-Daman by Tomoya Kuratani.


Hitto and his friends are faced with a deadly new adversary - an assassin named Kodoh Kuraki. The lives of two of Hitto's friends also depend on Hitto's victory in the Crash Tower Deathmatch.

It turns out that Kodoh actually has more tricks up his sleeve. He can dual-wield B-Daman. In order to defeat Kodoh's immense strength, Hitto does the unthinkable - to triple wield using his two friends' B-Daman.

Characters Seen

B-Daman Seen

Battles Seen

  • Hitto Tamaga vs Kodoh Kuraki (Continuation)


Japanese Raws

Translated (English)

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