Ms. Yamashiro is a semi-recurring character in B-Daman Crossfire.

Ms. Yamashiro
Kakeru's Teacher
Basic Information
Hair Brown
Eyes Purple
Age 20's
Occupation Teacher
B-Daman None
Japanese Voice Actor {{{JapVoice}}}
English Voice Actor {{{EngVoice}}}

B-Daman Crossfire

Ms. Yamashiro took away Riki's book while he was supposed to pay attention.


Ms. Yamashiro seems to be a rather kind teacher, who always cares for her students. Taking after Riki Ryugasaki, she becomes a lover of mysteries and geography. It becomes a evident fact when she brings all her students to the museum in West city on a Sunday.

Cross Fight B-Daman eS

She makes the cameo appearance along with Akira Saiga in the finale credits. She is seen in the museum checking out artifacts.

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