Midnight Blade
Product Code 38
Type Power
Price 480円 (JP)
$6.99 USD (U.S.)
System Zero System
Series Battle B-Daman
Release Dates
Japan November 2003
English 2005
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Skeleton IBA Body
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Owner N/A
First Appearance N/A
Special Move(s) N/A

Midnight Blade (Japanese: ステルスブレード,Suterusu Bureedo, Stealth Blade) is a Power-Type Zero System B-Daman, and a variant of Cobalt Blade. The Japanese version was sold first and as just the armor in November 2003 for 480円. The Hasbro version also included a red EZ Target pin and a black plastic B-Dama with a red flame symbol printed on it.

IBA Body and Armor

As with any B-Daman in the Zero System, Midnight Blade has a standard IBA Body of a black coloration. The Japanese version did not include this.

Head Armor and Visor: Midnight Visor

Although this is a re-coloring of Cobalt Blade's helmet, there is a distinctive difference; the lack of anime eyes in the visor. The flame designs are not present for the Japanese version either; instead, the word "Stealth" in all capital letters is emblazoned upon on the helmet. It also possesses a black-and-red Power Blade, for accuracy. The Hasbro version retained the flame designs but as a solid red with white outlines and white visor sections. The Power Blade on the Hasbro version is also black and white instead.

Wing Armor: Midnight Wing

A black-colored rendition of the Cobalt Power Wing which serves the same purpose as its counterpart; to increase the B-Daman's power. The Japanese version only has red lines and the words "Caution" present on the winglets. The Hasbro version has solid red flames with white outlines and the words "Zero" present on the small wing units.

Shoulder Armor: Midnight Pad

It is essentially the same as Cobalt Blade's, but with solid red flames with white outlines on the Hasbro version. The Japanese version's pads are solid black.

Wrist Armor: Gauntlets

These are simply Cobalt Blade's Gauntlets in solid black coloration. The Hasbro version features a thin white line and a small white triangle pointing downwards on them. The Japanese version's features a red stripe and white text on them.

Foot Armor: Midnight Foot

A re-color of the Cobalt Foot in black. The Hasbro version features an inner white section, with small black text reading "Battle B-Daman Zero". The Japanese version's feature a red stripe with white text under, reading "Caution", on the inner section of the feet.


As with any B-Daman in the Zero System with the IBA Body, the Core is integrated and non-removable. Not very powerful on its own, but when the Midnight Wing is added, its power increases. Its Hold Parts and Trigger are a solid white. This only came with the Hasbro version but was a recommended addition on the back of the Japanese packaging.

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