Master Kōryakuō SP III
マスター攻略王 SP III
Product Code 127
Type Power/Control
Price 780円
System Plug-In System
Series Super B-Daman
Release Dates
Japan March 1999
English Never
Owner Master Kōryakuō
First Appearance
Special Move(s)

Master Kōryakuō SP III (Japanese: マスター攻略王 SP III, Masutaa Kōryakuō SP III) is a B-Daman in the Plug-In System. It was released in March 1999 in Japan for 780円

PI Frame and PI Head

The B-Daman's PI Frame goes as far as the abdominal area (which has two gradient red/orange/yellow stickers), due to the inclusion of the Blowback Drive System (see Blowback Drive System). The PI Head is white, with the #03 on the sides, gradient blue/gradient red 'eyebrow' designs, a green 'targeting system' in its visor sticker, a small yellow horn, and the JBA initials and three golden stars on top. The PI Head can also accomodate the cross-hair piece of the older Bomber System Magazine Sight to add more of an aiming system.

PI Server

Mounted on the back of the PI Head is a basic yellow PI Server with a red sticker, on which is Master Koyrakuo's signature.

PI Short Barrel

The PI Short Barrel has two Hold Parts, on each being a roller to smoothen out shots fired from the B-Daman.

PI Arms

The PI Arms are white, with Holding Shoulders designed for ease of use, and two red Hyper Pads for squeezing in the Hold Parts for increased power

Multi-Fit Foot

The Multi-Fit Foot compliments the function of the Holding Shoulders by allowing the B-Der to hold the B-Daman in a way that allows him/her to perform one-handed shots.

Blowback Drive System

The unique firing mechanism of this B-Daman. Featuring a long white PI Trigger with smaller yellow mechanism that prevents it from wobbling when pushed, and a socket for one of two interchangeable Rubber Parts. One allows for high-speed drive shots, and a ridged one for fast-rotating drive shots.

Other Versions

  • Master Kōryakuō SP III Clear Ver. - Limited edition.

Super B-Daman (manga)





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