Marda B (Good) is the good half of the true Marda B.

Marda B (Good)
Marda B (Good)
Basic Information
Hair None
Eyes Brown
Age 100
Occupation B-Da Spirit
B-Daman Zero Skeleton
Japanese Voice Actor {{{JapVoice}}}
English Voice Actor {{{EngVoice}}}

Appearance and Personality

Marda B (Good) does not have a true body. Instead Marda B's spirit is trapped in a Feline statue with eight arms and a female appearance. The good side of Marda B seems to truly take after the real Marda B in personality.

Battle B-Daman

Marda B's good half first appears when Yamato and the gang head to the dimension of the B-Energies. While their Marda B's good half tests them with a direct hit battle where they have to hit all four of his B-Daman at once. When they do so he gives them the B-Energies. He is later seen possessing the body of Tommi and telling them the truth about his past and how the good and the bad came to be. When they defeat Marda B's evil half it forms with the good to recreate the true Marda B.


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