Magnum Ifrit's First Cry (Japanese: マグナムイフリートの産声magunamu ifuriito nō ubugoe) is the first chapter of the first volume in the manga series, Crash B-Daman by Tomoya Kuratani.


In a beautiful city, there lives a boy named Hitto Tamaga.

After that day's work, Hitto receives an elusive birthday present from his father - a B-Daman called Magnum Ifrit.

The next day, Hitto and his childhood friend named Mamoru find themselves caught up in a brutal gang war against the members of a local gang that call themselves as the BLOODIES.

Characters Seen

B-Daman Seen

Battles Seen

  • Hitto Tamaga vs BLOODIES


Japanese Raws

Translated (English)

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