Ludo is a single-appearance character in Battle B-Daman Fire Spirits. 

English Voice Actor None
Hair None
Eyes None
Age 100's
Occupation Guardian
Non Battle Character

Appearance and Personality

Ludo is a giant mechanical container for the Black Drive Shot. He is tan with broad shoulders and a large head. He has a triangular chest piece with the Black Drive Shot hidden inside. Ludo does not talk much, but he is guardian of a treasure that has been guarded for generations. He looks over Kevin until he is ready to protect Ludo.

Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits!

Ludo debuts as the one who dragged an injured Enjyu from the snowstorm. Ludo tends to his wounds and is revealed to be the only friend of Kevin. Ludo is later found out to be an ancient mechanical soldier with the sole purpose of guarding the treasure of a group of monks. These monks created Ludo as a walking vessel for their treasure, and has been protected by them for generations. Enjyu discovers the truth about Ludo, and finds that he will be the one who retrieves his treasure, the Black Drive Shot. He and Ludo battled for the treasure, but the latter is defeated by his Kahn Crush attack, destroying him and earning Enjyu the Black Drive Shot.


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