Super Bomberman Series

Released from 1993 to 1995.

Bomberman B-Daman Bakugaiden

Released from 1995 to 1999, split up into:

  • B-daman Bomberman Bakugaiden, starting in 1995.
  • Bomberman Bakugaiden II, starting in 1996.
  • Bomberman B-daman Bakugaiden III, starting in 1997.
  • BB-Daman Bakugaiden / Bakugaiden IV, starting in 1998.
  • BB-Daman Bakugaiden V / Victory in, starting 1999.
Prod. Code Name Price Release Date
Japan International
??? ??? ??? ??? ???

Super B-Daman

Released from 1995-2001, and subsumed some products from the earlier Super Bomberman Series that had begun in 1995. Afterwards split up into:

  • OS Gear, starting in 1996. The system revolved around an external frame, the "Over Shell" or "OS", that could be attached to the outside of a B-Daman figure's body. Optional parts could then be attached to the Over Shell.
  • PI B-Daman, starting in 1998. The PI ("Plug In") system featured a new type of body frame with interchangeable parts that allowed for body customization similar to future systems.
  • PI-EX B-Daman, starting in 1999. The PI-EX ("Plug In Extended") system was a development of the prior PI system that featured partial compatibility with optional parts that had been released for the original PI system. Also featured an updated body frame style and some new parts exclusively for PI-EX bodies.
  • R B-Daman, starting in 2000. The R ("Revolution") system was the next version of the customizable body concept, and used parts secured with small plastic bolts called "R Rivets" that were similar in functionality to the Stud Parts used by the Cross Fight systems.
  • E-Unit Series, starting in 2001. The final series of Super B-Daman products released, generally using the same standards as the prior R-Series but featuring a greater number of core bodies with specialized gimmicks, similar to the changes between the Zero and Zero 2 series. A particular emphasis was also placed on optional customization parts, similar to those released for the earlier PI-EX system.
Prod. Code Name Price Release Date
Japan International
78 Gray Bomberman 5 Pentathlon Set '97 3,500 N/A Never
79 Fighting Phoenix 780円 December 1996 Never
80 Basic White Bomberman 390 N/A Never
81 Basic Black Bomberman 390 N/A Never
82 Sniper Special Bomberman 780 March 1997 Never
90 Wild Wyvern 780円 May 1997 Never
94 Stag Sphinx 780 July 1997 Never
95 Battle Longbridge N/A N/A Never
102 Master Kōryakuō SP II 580 August 1997 Never
103 Pentathlon Set '98 N/A N/A Never
109 Junker Unicorn 580 November 1997 Never
112 König Cerberus 680円 December 1997 Never
113 Dr. Tamano Special 1,500円 January 1998 Never
114 Battle Phoenix 780円 March 1998 Never
115 Iron Cyclops 580円 March 1998 Never
116 JBA Proto 01 580 March 1998  Never
117 Blast Griffon Set 880 May 1998 Never
118 Valiant Wyvern 680 July 1998 Never
119 Shooting Soccer '98 N/A N/A Never
120 Nautilus Poseidon 780円 September 1998 Never
121 Shooting Golf '99 N/A N/A Never
122 Hunting Lynx 680 Novermber 1998 Never
123 Stag Cerberus 780 December 1998 Never
124 White B-Daman 500円 January 1999 Never
125 Black B-Daman 500円 January 1999 Never
126 JBA Original 500 January 1999 Never
127 Master Kōryakuō SP III 780 March 1999 Never
128 Burning Atlas 780 May 1999 Never
129 Combat Phoenix 680 August 1999 Never
130 JBA-EX01 680 August 1999 Never
131 Shooting Baseball N/A N/A Never
132 Giga Salamander 680 September 1999 Never
133 EX Shadow Bomb N/A N/A Never
134 Cool Helios 680 November 1999 Never
135 Spread Wyvern 680 December 1999 Never
136 Shooting Basket N/A N/A Never
137 Crimson Gigant 680 February 2000 Never
138 Phantom Eagle 680 March 2000 Never
139 Phantom Lion 680 March 2000 Never
140 Blade Orochi 680 May 2000 Never
141 Guardian Phoenix 780 July 2000 Never
142 Striker Gemini 980 July 2000 Never
143 Guardian Phoenix Finished Model N/A N/A Never
144 Striker Gemini Completed Model N/A N/A Never
145 Battle Starter Set N/A N/A Never
146 Guardian Phoenix Perfect Competition Set 2,980 July 2000 Never
147 Eternal Eclipse 980 August 2000 Never
148 Burst Orion 980 September 2000 Never
149 Speeder Phoenix 1,280 October 2000 Never
150 Galaxy Fortress 1,980 November 2000 Never
151 R B-Daman Ultra Launch Collection 3,980 November 2000 Never
152 Flash Wyvern 780 December 2000 Never
153 Flash Wyvern Fierce Blazing Edition 2,500 December 2000 Never
154 Flash Wyvern Completed Model N/A N/A Never
155 Powered Sphinx 980 January 2001 Never
156 Hammer Gemini 980 February 2001 Never
157 Mirage Eagle 780 May 2001 Never
158 Vanguard Phoenix 780 July 2001 Never
159 Stinger Scorpius 780 October 2001 Never
160 Smash Phoenix 780 December 2001 Never

Custom/O.S./PI/EX/R/R E-Unit Parts

Prod. Code Name Price Release Date
Japan International
P-01 Metallic Body Gold 300 N/A Never
P-02 Metallic Body Silver 300 N/A Never
P-03 Heavy Weight Foot Gold 300 July 1996 Never
P-04 Heavy Weight Foot Silver 300 July 1996 Never
P-05 Giant Bomb Blue Metallic 300 July 1996 Never
P-06 Giant Bomb Green Metallic 300 July 1996 Never
P-07 Giant Bomb Violet Metallic 300 July 1996 Never
P-08 Metallic Body Black 300 1996 Never
P-09 Metallic Body Blue 300 1996 Never
P-10 Super Ball Shooter Blue 300円 October 1996 Never
P-11 Super Ball Shooter Green 300円 October 1996 Never
P-12 Super Ball Shooter Violet 300 October 1996 Never
P-13 OS Gear 380 December 1996 Never
P-14 Laser Sight 980 December 1996 Never
P-15 Magazine Sight 2 300 December 1996 Never
P-16 Long Barrel 2 300 December 1996 Never
P-17  Metal Roller Shooter 300 January 1997 Never
P-18 Short Barrel & Spike Foot 380 February 1997 Never
P-19 Quick Loading Magazine 380 March 1997 Never
P-23 OS Gear Gold N/A (Limited Edition N/A Never
P-26 Speed Loader Magazine I  380 N/A Never
P-27 Speed Loader Magazine II 380 N/A Never
P-28 OS Gear Black Clear 380 N/A Never
P-29 OS Gear Yellow Clear 380 N/A Never
P-32 Dress-Up Sticker Set A 380 N/A Never
P-33 Dress-Up Sticker Set B 380 N/A Never
P-36 Speed Trigger 380 December 1997 Never
P-37 Power Trigger 380 December 1997 Never
P-38 Tornado Server 380 December 1997 Never
P-39 System Magazine 380 N/A Never
P-40 System Barrel 380 N/A Never
P-41 Straight Magazine 10 380 March 1998 Never
P-42 2-Way Long Barrel 380 March 1998 Never
P-43 OS Parts Adapter 380 N/A Never
P-44 System Magazine Blue Clear 380 N/A Never
P-45 System Barrel Purple Clear 380 N/A Never
P-46 Twin Aluminum Trigger 380 April 1998 Never
P-47 Metal Stay 75 480 June 1998 Never
P-48 Counterweight 70 380 June 1998 Never
P-49 B-Dama Charger 380 N/A Never
P-50 PI Dress-Up Stickers 200 N/A Never
P-51 Straight Magazine 10 Green Clear 200 N/A Never
P-52 Power Trigger 2 380 August 1998 Never
P-53 2-Way Long Barrel Red Clear 380 N/A Never
P-54 Barrel Grip 380 N/A Never
P-55 Laser Sight 2 1,280 December 1998 Never
P-56 Double Magazine Adapter 280 December 1998 Never
P-57 Tune-Up Parts Set 280 December 1998 Never
P-58 Straight Magazine 10 Orange Clear 380 January 1999 Never
P-59 2-Way Long Barrel Black 380 February 1999 Never
P-60 Helical Magazine 280 March 1999 Never
P-61 B-Darling Protector 380 N/A Never
P-62 Burst Trigger 380 May 1999 Never
P-63 Tornado Server 2 380 June 1999 Never
P-64 EX Plate Magazine N/A N/A Never
P-65 EX Stay Barrel N/A N/A Never
P-66 EX Mega Cannon Wing N/A N/A Never
P-67 EX Core Round Claws N/A N/A Never
P-68 EX Roller Trigger N/A N/A Never
P-69 Giga Burst System N/A N/A Never
P-70 EX Plate Magazine Green Clear N/A N/A Never
P-71 EX Smash Trigger N/A N/A Never
P-72 EX Heavy Frame N/A N/A Never
P-73 Short-Stroke System N/A N/A Never
P-74 EX Stay Barrel Purple Clear N/A N/A Never
P-75 EX Burst Trigger N/A N/A Never
P-76 Gun Grip Trigger N/A N/A Never
P-77 EX Roller Trigger Smoke N/A N/A Never
P-78 Ares Magazine N/A N/A Never
P-79 Ares Barrel N/A N/A Never
P-80 R Parts Motor Tornado Server N/A N/A Never
P-81 R Parts Guardian Phoenix Dedicated Speeder System N/A N/A Never
P-82 Ares Magazine Black N/A N/A Never
P-83 R Parts Metal Wing N/A N/A Never
P-84 Power Blade Arm N/A N/A Never
P-85 E-Unit Barrel N/A N/A Never
P-86 Power Trigger Core N/A N/A Never
P-87 Buster Cannon Arm N/A N/A Never
P-88 Turret Foot N/A N/A Never
P-89 E-Unit Magazine N/A N/A Never
P-90 Smash Trigger Core N/A N/A Never

Battle B-Daman

Released from 2002 to 2005. Split up into:

  • DHB series, starting in 2002.
  • Limited Model Series, starting in 2002. Consisted largely of recoloured re-releases of earlier Super B-Daman products, and had a very small product selection.
  • Zero series, starting in 2003.
  • Zero 2 series, starting in 2004. Further expanded later with the Zero 2 Hissatsukyuu sub-series, featuring the release of the DHB Advance core, specialized ammunition in the form of Strike Shots, and numerous cores with complex special features.
  • Cartridge Series, starting in 2005. Used a new body style that was only partially compatible with previously released Battle B-Daman customization parts. Revolved around the use of cartridges that allow a B-Daman to fire two shots in a single trigger operation, as well as providing a way to ensure proper alignment of Strike Shots requiring particular facing to operate correctly.
  • Digital B-Daman, starting in 2005. A very short-lived series with very few released products, that operated completely differently from any other B-Daman toy line. Rather than firing marbles and being handled manually, Digital B-Daman figures were remotely controlled and battled using infra-red emitters similarly to laser tag toys.
Prod. Code Name Price Release Date
Japan International
01 Cobalt Sword 880円 March 21, 2002 Never

Crash B-Daman

Released from 2005 to 2006. Split into:

  • Crash B-Daman Series, starting in 2005.
  • Crash B-Daman SWS Series, starting in 2006. Maintained cross-compatibility with parts from the original Crash series, but added the SWS ("Synchro Weapon System"), by which add-on weapons could be fired simultaneously with a B-Daman's main marble launcher by means of a connection with a secondary pushing trigger in the B-Daman's grip/trigger assembly.
Prod. Code Name Price Release Date
Japan International
001 Magnum Ifrit 840円 December 2005 Never
002 Blitz Garuda 840円 December 2005 Never
003 Bal Tauros 840円 December 2005 Never
004 Crash Weapon - Grenade Shot 525円 December 2005 Never
005 Crash Weapon - Triple Launcher 525円 December 2005 Never
006 Loading Magazine 420円 December 2005 Never
007 Power Long Barrel 420円 December 2005 Never
008 Cartridge Adaptor Barrel and Server 420円 December 2005 Never
009 Crash Tower 630円 December 2005 Never
010 Magnum Ifrit Starter Set 2100円 December 2005 Never
011 Crash B-Daman Tower Battle Try Set 4200円 December 2005 Never
012 Crash Bullet Set Vol. 1 (.98) 525円 December 2005 Never
013 Sturm Griffon 840円 January 2006 Never
014 Crash Weapon - Wide Cannon 525円 January 2006 Never
015 Tripod 420円 January 2006 Never
016 Rave Pegasus 903円 March 2006 Never
017 Shade Wyvern 903円 March 2006 Never
018 Crash Weapon - Reload Launcher 525円 March 2006 Never
019 Scope Server 420円 March 2006 Never
020 5 Competition Arena 4200円 March 2006 Never
021 Crash Bullet Set Vol. 2 (.67) 525円 March 2006 Never
022 Evil Levioth 903円 April 20, 2006 Never
023 Crash Weapon - Panzer Faust 525円 April 2006 Never
024 Crash Custom Kit 2940円 April 2006 N/A
025 Iron Odin 903円 May 18, 2006 N/A
026 Crash Weapon - Trick Cannon 525円 May 2006 Never
027 Justice Ifrit 945円 July 20, 2006 (June 2006 early release at 2006 Summer WHF) Never
028 Mach Garuda 945円 July 20, 2006 Never
029 Synchro Weapon - Beat Launcher 588円 July 20, 2006 Never
030 Synchro Weapon System Try Set 2100円 July 20, 2006 Never
031 Synchro Weapon - Tactical Shot 588円 July 20, 2006 Never
032 Assault Tauros 945円 August 24, 2006 Never
033 Synchro Weapon - Mega Grenade 588円 August 2006 Never
034 Synchro Server 525円 August 2006 Never
035 Mach Garuda Rush Try Set 2100円 August 2006 Never
036 Shining Pegasus 945円 September 2006 Never
037 Reflect Wyvern 945円 September 2006 Never
038 Omega Bahamut 1890円 October 2006 Never
039 Eclipse Dragon 2100円 October 2006 Never
040 Final Battle Box 1890円 October 19, 2006 Never

Metal B-Daman

Released starting in 2007. A very short series with few released products. It used metal balls of a smaller size than the marbles used by most B-Daman toys, and featured magnets in both figures and targets that could interact magnetically with the fired balls.

Prod. Code Name Price Release Date
Japan International
01 Ryūrai 525円 July 14, 2007 N/A
02 Zafga 525円 July 14, 2007 N/A
03 Gaio 525円 July 14, 2007 N/A
04 Tsunomaru 525円 July 14, 2007 N/A
05 Duran 525円 July 14, 2007 N/A
06 Dokuron 525円 July 14, 2007 N/A
07 Magnetic Target & Metal Balls 500円 July 14, 2007 N/A
08 5 Magnetic Play Set 2,100円 July 14, 2007 N/A
09 Eagles 630円 September 16, 2007 N/A
10 Leohjya 630円 September 16, 2007 N/A
11 Sonic Wyvern 2,000円 November 2007 N/A
12 Meteor Wyvern Explosive Fire Set 3,800円 November 2007 N/A
13 Metal Balls 1,480円 November 2007 N/A

Cross Fight B-Daman (B-Daman CrossFire)

Released from 2010 to 2013. Split up into:

  • Pen-B Series, starting in 2010. A preliminary series that was a cross-promotion with the "A Penguin's Troubles" manga and anime series. Used its own penguin-shaped body system, but some customization parts released for it are compatible with later Cross-Fight sub-series.
  • Core Change System Series, starting in 2011.
  • Emblem Charge Series, starting in 2012.

Pen-B Series

Prod. Code Name Price Release Date
JapanFlag UnitedStatesFlag/EuropeFlag JapanFlag UnitedStatesFlag/EuropeFlag
BM-01 Starter Penby Blue
BM-02 Starter Penby Red
BM-03 Starter Penby Green
BM-04 Hero Penby Blue DX Set
BM-05 Saturn Penby Black DX Set
BM-06 Custom Mail Booster Vol.1 Shine! Armour of Heroes!!
BM-07 Tune Up Gear Straight Barrel
BM-08 Tune Up Gear Straight Magazine
BM-09 Official B-Dama
BM-10 Official Field Set
BM-11 Official Target
BM-12 Tune Up Gear Power Manteau
BM-13 Starter Penby Yellow
BM-14 Custom Mail Booster Vol.2 Sparkle! Blue Gale!!
BM-15 Starter Penby Black
BM-16 Tune Up Gear Wide Magazine
BM-17 Official Time Attack Field Set
BM-18 Starter Penby White
BM-19 Custom Mail Booster Vol.3 Flare Up! Armour of Flames!
BM-20 Penby White Premium Set
BM-21 Official Game Selection Power Slope
BM-22 Tune Up Gear Slope Barrel

Core Change Series

Prod. Code Name Price Release Date
JapanFlag UnitedStatesFlag/EuropeFlag JapanFlag UnitedStatesFlag/EuropeFlag
CB-01 Thunder Dracyan 892円 $8.99
August 1st, 2013
CB-02 Lightning Fin 787円 $8.99
August 1st, 2013
CB-03 Tune-Up Gear - Metal Accele Core 682円
CB-04 Accele=Dracyan DX Set 2100円
CB-05 Official Field Set 3097円
CB-06 Strike Avian 787円 $8.99
August 1st, 2013
CB-07 Tune-Up Gear - Core Random Booster Vol. 1 525円
CB-08 Lightning Dravise 892円 $8.99
August 1st, 2013
CB-09 Tune-Up Gear - Metal Rev Core 682円
CB-10 Tune-Up Gear - Tornado Magazine 682円
CB-11 Rev=Dravise Super Burst Set 682円
CB-12 Thunder Bearga 682円 $8.99
CB-13 Tune-Up Gear - Stabilizer 525円
CB-14 Lightning Scorpio $8.99
CB-15 Strike Cobra $8.99
CB-16 Tune-Up Gear - Wide Magazine 525円
CB-17 Tune-Up Gear - Straight Barrel 525円
CB-18 Tune-Up Gear - Power Mantle 525円
CB-19 Tune-Up Gear - Rubber Seal 525円
CB-20 Triple Fighting Field
CB-21 Official B-Dama
CB-22 Official Target 2
CB-23 Super Custom Set
CB-24 Thunder Leo $8.99
CB-25 Tune-Up Gear - Grip Arm
CB-26 Strike Dragren
CB-27 Tune-Up Gear - Metal Force Core
CB-28 Long Bridge
CB-29 Random Starter 2012
CB-30 Tune-Up Gear - Lock-On Barrel
CB-31 Break Bomber Battle Set 4,725円
CB-32 Round=Tigare
CB-33 Tune-Up Gear - Quick Loader Magazine 682円
CB-34 Tune-Up Gear - Core Random Booster Plus 577円 February 25, 2012
CB-35 Twin=Drazeros 892円 March 24, 2012
CB-36 Tune-Up Gear - Heavy Twin Core
CB-37 Tune-Up Gear - Twin Magazine
CB-38 Drift=Jacker 788円 April 28, 2012
CB-39 Tune-Up Gear - Grip Barrel
CB-40 Twin=Drazeros SP Set
CB-41 Burst=Bison
CB-42 Tune-Up Gear - System Magazine
CB-43 Smash=Dragold 945円
CB-44 Tune-Up Gear - Heavy Smash Core
CB-45 Smash=Dragold Fighting Set
CB-46 Tune-Up Gear - Power Grip
CB-47 Loading=Diles
CB-48 Tune-Up Gear - Direct Loader Magazine
CB-49 Super Dragon Double Set

Emblem Charge Series

Prod. Code Name Price Release Date
JapanFlag UnitedStatesFlag/EuropeFlag JapanFlag UnitedStatesFlag/EuropeFlag
CB-50 Drive=Garuburn 945円 September 29, 2012
CB-51 Sonic=Dravise 945円 September 29, 2012
CB-52 Slot=Beedle 945円 September 29, 2012
CB-53 Tune-Up Gear - Convert Barrel 577円 September 29, 2012
CB-54 Tune-Up Gear - Cyclone Magazine 577円 September 29, 2012
CB-55 Official Target 3
CB-56 DX Break Bomber 7 5,775円
CB-57 Gunlock=Wolg 945円 November 22, 2012
CB-58 Version-Up Part - Cannon Arm 682円 November 22, 2012
CB-59 Tune-Up Gear - Body Random Booster Vol. 1 577円 November 22, 2012
CB-60 Garuburn Version-Up DX Set 2100円 November 22, 2012
CB-61 Kreis=Raydra 997円 December 28, 2012
CB-62 Version-Up Part - Buster Leg 682円 December 28, 2012
CB-63 Tune-Up Gear - Magazine Stabilizer December 28, 2012
CB-64 Raydra Version-Up Set 1890円 December 28, 2012
CB-65 Random Starter 2013 Vol. 1
CB-66 Stream=Drazeros 997円 January 26, 2013
CB-67 Tune-Up Gear - Scope Magazine
CB-68 Break Ball
CB-69 Version-Up Part - Blast Arm 787円 February 23, 2013
CB-70 Tune-Up Gear - Body Random Booster Vol. 2 577円 February 23, 2013
CB-71 Garuburn Version-Up DX Set 2 2100円 February 23, 2013
CB-72 Rising=Dracyan 997円 March 16, 2013
CB-73 Version-Up Part - Magnum Arm 682円 March 16, 2013
CB-74 Dracyan Version-Up Set 1890円 March 16, 2013
CB-75 Meteor Bomber Battle Set 4,725円 March 16, 2013
CB-76 Assault=Dragren 997円 April 27, 2013
CB-77 Tune-Up Gear - Dash Stabilizer 577円 April 27, 2013
CB-78 Gatling=Deathshell 997円 June 22, 2013
CB-79 Tune-Up Gear - Jet Core 682円 May 25, 2013
CB-80 Tune-Up Gear - Body Random Booster Vol. 3 577円 May 25, 2013
CB-81 Random Starter 2013 Vol. 2 1050円 June 22, 2013
CB-82 Triple=Gillusion 2310円 July 20, 2013
CB-83 Garuburn Ultimate DX Set 2625円 July 20, 2013