Legend Blaster
Product Code
Type Power
System Cartridge System
Series Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits!
Release Dates
Japan August 28th, 2005
English Never
Armor Legend Blaster
Skeleton Drive Body
Power 173
Rapid-Fire 24
Control 35
First Appearance B-Daman Fire Spirits! Episode 29
Special Move(s)

Legend Blaster (Japanese: レジェンドブラスター Rejendo Burasutā) is a Power Type Cartridge System B-Daman. It is a special red variation of Cobalt Blaster with liquified fire strip decals. It can be completed by building and collecting the limited horn, ears, cartridge, stickers, and Legend Drive shot.

Cartridge Armor

Cartridge Helmet: Blaster Sight

As contra to Cobalt Blaster, Legend Blaster has a limited red re-color of the Blaster Sight. The Limited sticker sheet contains liquified fire strips and the head plate and visor pieces are purple instead of blue.

Cartridge Arms: Hold Power Arms

The Hold Power Arms feature red, ring-like Cartridge holders used for manually holding said Cartridge when not in use. They can be folded off to the side as another means of storage. Alongside this however, is the unique feature of these Arms. Similar to Helio Breaker from the Zero System, when these Arms are placed on the figure they press and push against the Hold Parts of the Cartridge Body to give an increase in strength. In the case of Legend Blaster, it has liquified fire strip stickers.

Cartridge Foot: Balance Foot

Legend Blaster has a limited red and white Balance Foot piece.

Cartridge Body: Drive Body

Limited red Drive Body.

Cartridge Trigger

Legend Blaster has a limited red Cartridge Trigger.


Limited red with fire strip

Strike Shot

Legend Drive Shot - Red-tinted Stealth Drive Shot.

In the toyline, an alternative way is obtain it occasionally is via Cobalt Blaster Limited Full Cartridge Ver. (WHF release), and the Cartridge System Challange Corner.

In the anime, the Legend Drive Shot appears with a shiny rainbow effect. It can unleash a huge burst of flame and has great healing power. Yamato obtained the Legend Drive Shot from Aqulas during the final battle against Geldezar. Aqulas sacrificed his life to make another strike shot, even though Shin forbade him to, because it will take his own life, due to the loss of energy from creating the Stealth Drive Shot and Gadium Shot. This is the only way Yamato could fight against Geldezar's Gadium Shot. Its great power could not be handled by Yamato's Cobalt Blaster, but it is compatible with and usable in Cobalt Blaster Drive Cannon

When fired, the Legend Drive Shot appears with small trail of fire but after a second, it ignites into a huge burst of flames that could take its enemies burning to the sun.

Battle B-Daman Fire Spirits! (anime)

Legend Blaster is an ancient B-Daman, the predecessor of Cobalt Blaster as told by Armada. Bulls and Bear built Cobalt Blaster based on Legend Blaster's design.

(Guide) How To Build Legend Blaster

  • Cobalt Blaster 106 or Cobalt Blaster WHF Release (Legend Drive Shot) assembled with no stickers applied.
  • Cobalt Blaster Cartridge Rensha Edition - Main Body, Horn, Ear, Foot Base, Cartridge Shot, Hand Grip and Trigger, with no stickers applied.
  • Limited custom stickers from 3rd party company MediaFactory, Collect all 3 sticker sheets, which contain the seperate Legend Blaster stickers placed at the bottom part.




Video Game


  • In Battle B-Daman Fire Spirits! Episode 41, Yamato's Cobalt Blaster which miraculously transforms into Cobalt Blaster Cartridge Rensya Edition has a clear red tinted Drive Shot which resembled the Legend Drive Shot but with no shiny rainbow effect.
  • The Legend Drive Shot resembles the power of the sun as shown in the final episode of Battle B-Daman Fire Spirits! 51 and in the opening.
  • In the toyline, a Takara catalogue shows that the Gatling Hades Special Set comes included with the Legend Drive Shot while it wasn't released to the market.

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