JBA Proto 01
JBA Proto 01
Product Code 116
Type N/A
Price 580円
System Plug-In System
Series Super B-Daman
Release Dates
Japan March 1998
English Never
Power None
Rapid-Fire None
Control None
Owner Dr. Tamano
First Appearance N/A
Special Move(s) N/A

JBA Proto 01 (Japanese: JBAプロト01, JBA Puroto 01) is a Control-Type B-Daman of the Plug-In System. It was released on March 1998 in Japan for 580円.

PI Head

A re-design of JBA Original's Head with the JBA logo, yellow designs, and "PI-X-01" on the side.

PI Arms

Blue Arms with simple orange pads that can be pressed in to squeeze the Hold Parts for increased power.

PI Foot

Blue feet with white-and-yellow stickers.

PI Frame

A basic blue Frame with two orange Hold Parts, which can be adjusted between two different configurations.

Type A

The standard mode, where the Hold Parts are connected to the pads on the PI Arms.

Type B

In this mode, the Hold Parts are independent of the pads.

PI Trigger

Proto 01 uses a standard orange Trigger.

Other Versions

  • JBA Proto 01 Clear Ver.
  • JBA Proto 02 - Semi-clear black and yellow colors
  • JBA Proto 03 - Semi-clear yellow and purple colors
  • JBA Proto 04 - Silver and black colors, in addition to Shot Controller arm pads

Super B-Daman (manga)





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