The Iron Stabilizer is a B-Daman battling accessory from the Battle B-Daman series. It was made to enhance a B-Daman's Control and Balance capabilities. It was only ever used by one B-Daman in the anime, who never saw an official release in real-life; Scope General. This product was only ever released in Japan.

Iron Stabilizer
Is main


This piece is technically a set of 2 items as it comes with the main wing grips (who's heel section is permanently attached to) as well as a cover piece for the back of the B-Daman's trigger. Everything in this set is completely die-cast (made of metal).

The main piece, the Stabilizer itself, attaches to the back of a B-Daman's hold parts via little pegs, much like many Power-type parts such as the Cobalt Power Wing. The trigger piece slides over the back section of a B-Daman's trigger, much like certain Control-type B-Daman that have unique trigger extension pieces such as Knight Cavalry.

The main function of this piece is to provide extra Control and Balance during battle. Control is achieved by the addition of wing grips and a trigger extension, while Balance is achieved by the bottom-back section which extends down to the surface you have your B-Daman placed on, and works like many Heel armor pieces that some B-Daman come with, such as Rekuso. Being metal, this piece adds a large weight to the back, resulting in an incredible increase in backward stability, allowing for some heavy magazines to be attached without much problem of the B-Daman falling over on its own. This piece does also increase a B-Daman's power inevitably, as it attaches in the same way as many Power parts, and being of metal means it allows for even less flexing than standard Power parts do.


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