The Guardian Phoenix Perfect Game Set (Japanese: ガーディアンフェニックス パーフェクト競技セット, Gādian Fenikkusu Pāfekuto Kyōgi Setto) is a Super B-Daman set released during the Revolution System in Japan.


With the Perfect Game Set, five games are possible to play.

  • Soccer: Align a Target B-Daman in front of a goal and aim at either of the two walls so the B-Dama will bounce off and land in the goal.
  • Basketball: Aim up for the basketball basket in attempt to score.
  • Volleyball: Shoot the most B-Dama to the opponent's side while using the cardboard wall with holes as a barrier.
  • Quick Shooting: Use the cardboard wall, each hole used by a different player whose goal is to be the first to shoot down the Target B-Daman at the end of the field.
  • Bowling: Align the Target B-Daman in a bowling ball-fashion so one can shoot them in hopes of knocking them all.

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