Greg Day
Basic Information
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Occupation Shop owner
B-Daman developer
B-Daman N/A
Japanese Voice Actor Ken Narita
English Voice Actor Alex Zahara

Greg Day (Japanese: Gogyo Godai (御代ゴギョウ / 御代五行 Godai Gogyou)) is a character appearing in the anime series, B-Daman Fireblast. He is the father of Kamon, Aona, and Roma Day, and has reinvolved himself in Kamon's life to help him fulfill his destiny with the legendary B-Daman, Drive Garuburn. He is also the husband of archaeologist Himiko Day.

While he is the father of Kamon, the latter is oblivious to this, as Kamon lost his memories after losing to Roma. Greg hasn't admitted himself as Kamon's father to him yet, waiting for the right moment to do so, when the latter regains his missing memories. He is also the creator of Garuburn's Version-Up Parts.




B-Daman Fireblast


  • His full name in the Japanese version is a reference to the two different versions of the Japanese five elements philosophy, which are "gogyo" (its backgrounds from the Chinese five elements), and "godai" (a Japanese Bhuddist term with certain influences from Hinduism, meaning "Five Gates").


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