Giant Ball
Product Code None
Type Power
Price N/A
System Over Shell System
Series Super B-Daman
Release Dates
Japan None
English None
Power N/A
Rapid-Fire N/A
Control N/A
Owner Madoka Daisaku
First Appearance Super B-Daman - Episode 05
Special Move(s) Heavy Ball

Giant Ball (Japanese: ジャイアントボール, Jaiantobōru) is a Power-Type B-Daman owned by the B-Daman Hunter Madoka Daisaku. It appears only in the Super B-Daman anime.

Head Gear

Giant Ball's Head Gear is of the same basic shape as any generic OS B-Daman. It is seagreen in color, and features an emblem of a fireball or a meteor on top, along with a pair of angry eyes on its visor.

Side Arms

The Side Arms are surf green in color, along with a golden banner design on each shoulder.

Feet Part

Basic Feet Part in surf green.

System Core

Giant Ball's defining gimmick, which leads to its name, is the ability to fire special oversized B-Dama. Only Madoka has the strength to fire such large marbles from this B-Daman.

Super B-Daman (anime)

Special Attacks

  • Heavy Ball: Using an oversized B-Dama cast out of iron or lead, Madoka fires it from Giant Ball with his incredible strength, as well as making it spin forward in a way that would make it appear to be a miniature black hole that any normal-sized B-Dama fired at it would vanish into. This "black hole" is an illusion; the Heavy Ball's forward spin actually causes the opponent's shots to be deflected downwards.




N/A {{## B-Daman}}

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