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Genta Ankokuji
Basic Information
Hair Purple with orange stripe
Eyes Green
Age 11
Occupation Northern B-Master
B-Daman Gatling=Deathshell
Japanese Voice Actor Takuma Terashima
English Voice Actor None

Genta Ankokuji (Japanese: 闇黒寺ゲンタ (あんこくじ ゲンタ), Ankokuji Genta) is a former antagonist who appears in the anime series, B-Daman Fireblast. He is Crest Land's Northern B-Master who was previously brainwashed by Ryoma Godai until he lost to his younger brother, Kamon Godai. Genta's B-Daman is the Northern Black Tortoise; Gatling=Deathshell.

Driving order tens of thousands of its time, Gatling=Deathshell!

—Genta, when about to fire an Emblem Charge.


Genta is of a large build, with green eyes and shaggy, violet hair with an orange highlight. He is clad in a dark-green tee over a black short-sleeved undershirt; beneath the tee-shirt is yellow one, creating three layers of his wear. He uses a a black and orange belt supported by a silver buckle alongside orange pants in a camouflage pattern. Lastly, he dons purple and white sneakers.


Genta is a B-Der who pushes himself over the limit; somewhat of a "try-hard" who seems to harbor a love for exercising, judging from his build and his debut in a fitness room. He turns stern and serious at times, like in his battle with Byakuga Shiranui, and when he comes in contact with other people. He also has a habit of saying "Roger!" in reference to another person or such.

His B-Daman, Gatling=Deathshell, often refers to him under a "Boss" moniker.



Prior to being brainwashed by the Grand B-Master, Genta Ankokuji was Byakuga Shiranui's close friend.

B-Daman Fireblast


Genta Ankokuji in his debut.

At a gym, Genta Ankokuji rigorously exercised with his B-Daman, Gatling=Deathshell. After his extreme fitness, he used his strength to test-drive his B-Daman through target practice; grabbed Deathshell to issue its Emblem Charge: "Storm Dark Inferno". A burst of Rapid-Fire successfully knocked down all EZ Targets but he was subsequently interrupted by Ryoma Godai. When the Northern B-Master reported to the Grand B-Master, the latter revealed how Byakuga Shiranui was in an area close to Genta's current location. The utter of Byakuga's name only shocked Genta and Deathshell.


Genta leaves Byakuga and Derek after the fight.

Genta left the gymnasium in search of Byakuga, whom was with Derek Watari. Byakuga was surprised by Genta's appearance as the Northern and Western B-Masters engaged in a Road Fight. The game was set as Surge Strike and the two past friends fought with Gatling=Deathshell taking on Kreis=Raydra. At first, Byakuga gained the upper-hand when Derek lent Round=Tigare to create "Perfect Kreis=Raydra" with its "White Tiger Lightning God Slash" eCharge. Genta was able to counterattack by equipping the Dash Stabilizer and effectively forming "Dash Gatling=Deathshell" to utilize its "Infinite Dark Inferno" eCharge. With this, Genta came out as the winner when he spoke few words to Byakuga and departed.

Genta later reported to his father on a request.



B-Daman Fireblast

B-Daman Fireblast




Byakuga Shiranui (Road Fight) ES032 Win
Riki Ryugasaki (Road Fight) ES033 Win
Kamon Godai (Road Fight) ES034 Draw
Kamon Godai (Road Fight) ES035/ES036 Lose


  • The "Gen-" prefix in his name comes from Genbu, the Japanese name for the Black Tortoise of the North, on which Gatling=Deathshell is based on.
    • The Kanji spelling for Ankokuji (闇黒寺) translates literally to "dark black temple", also complimenting Deathshell's motif.



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