Gennosuke Shigami
Basic Information
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Age Unknown
Occupation Archaeologist
WBMA associate
B-Daman N/A
Japanese Voice Actor Kenji Hamada
English Voice Actor Bob Buchholz

Gennosuke Shigami (Japanese: 白銀弦之助, Shirogane Gennosuke, Gennosuke Shirogane) is a minor supporting character from the anime series, Cross Fight B-Daman.


Gennosuke is a tall man with short black hair and blue eyes. He wears thick-framed eyeglasses in which the glare often obstructs his eyes; a dark green vest, a blue shirt with a red turtleneck undershirt, khaki pants and black boots.


Gennosuke possesses a very strict personality which is attributed as one of the reasons why Samuru became introverted. He is also very focused on his career as an archaeologist.



Gennosuke Shigami is Samuru's father. He is a world-famous archaeologist and is an associate of the WBMA.

Cross Fight B-Daman


Gennosuke never fought any battles since he himself isn't a B-Shot.


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