Disguise is a B-Daman exclusive to Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits (Video Game).


It's the legendary B-Daman that changes its shape depending on the B-daplayer who uses it. It was sealed of due to its excessive might. However, it has been revived by Badmada. It's a perfect B-Daman that is capableof firing powerful, accurate, rapid shots![1]

Originally found as petrified parts, parts of this B-daman was found by Yamato is several City. Badmada, disguised as Armada, then took the parts from Yamato, and later from Terry, who found the final part. Using this B-Daman in sealed form, Badmada destroys the arena of Winners Tournament.

This B-Daman was incompletely revived by Badmada in the Sealed Island using 100 B-Daman charged with B-daspirits. After Badmada's lost to Yamato, Joker took the B-Daman and powered up Disguise even more by unsealing Break Shot. Unable to completely destroy the B-Daman using his current one, Yamato then use Cobalt Blaster, which is made by Armada behind Badmada's back, to destroy Disguise. Later, with Yamato's spirit, this B-Daman is revived once again as Blizzard.


Core Drive Core
Body Disguise Barrel
Back Disguise Wing
L Shoulder L-Disguise Pad
R Shoulder R-Disguise Pad
R Arm R-Sword Arm
Foot Disguise Foot


Load 2
Rapid Fire 37
Power 177
Accuracy 153
Defense 148
Agility 72
Handling 56
Weight 87


  1. Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits (Video Game)

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