DHB Core Blue Version
Product Code 71
Price 609円
Release Dates
Japan July 2004
English N/A

DHB Core Blue Version (Japanese: DHBコアブルーバージョン, DHB Koa Buruu Baajiyon) is a DHB-Type accessory introduced in the Battle B-Daman toyline as part of the Blaster Core System. It was released only in Japan in July 2004, and sold for 609円.


The DHB Core Blue Version, along with its black-colored counterpart, serves the same purpose as the original DHB Armor, but now in the form of interchangeable Cores, featuring three Hold Parts and a new trigger designed for stability.

DHB Parts

NEO Shield Sight 02

DHB Barrel 02

NEO Attack Point 02

DHB Magazine 02



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