DHB Advance Core is a Blaster Core for Advance Direct Hit Battle, in which B-Ders have to strike the Attack Point on their opponents' armor three times, rather than one, to win. 

DHB Advance Core
DHB Advance Core


The DHB Advance Core is the upgrade of the Direct Hit Battle armor. It boasts a new bar that covers the barrel and an improved Attack Point with a re-designed Shield Sight. The new Attack Point includes a vertical barrel that changes conditions for every time it's hit by an opposing B-DaPlayer's shots. Taking three hits to lose, the barrel goes from condition Blue to Black (Lose). When the B-Daman is defeated, the bar falls, preventing the B-Daman from firing any further shots.

Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits!

The DHB Advance Core was created by a young aspiring inventor named Bears. He came to Armada to test the new system, but was denied, due to its lack of balance. Armada, Bears and Several B-Factory scientists would create a new, improved version of the system, that would be later used in the Winners' Tournament.


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