Cobalt Geist
Cobalt Geist packaging
Product Code 19
Type Power
Price 880円
System DHB System
Series Battle B-Daman
Release Dates
Japan January 2003
English N/A
System does not use parts.
Power N/A
Rapid-Fire N/A
Control N/A
Owner Enjyu (upgraded to Shred Kaiser), Armada (creator, former owner)
First Appearance
Special Move(s)
Cobalt Geist (Japanese: コバルトガイスト, Kobarutogaisuto) is a Power-Type DHB System B-Daman, owned by Enjyu in the Battle B-Daman manga. It was released in January 2003 in Japan for 880円. It was the original form of Shred Kaiser, as well as the "older brother" of Cobalt Sword.

Parts Overview


As with Cobalt Sword, the canopy holding the Legend Stone is semi-translucent green, but the crest and the horn is a palette-swap; black with red stickers, gradient blue/purple lightning-shaped ones with white lines outlining them.


Again, it is a palette-swap. It is black with gradient blue/purple lightning-shaped stickers with white outlines.


Uses the same design as Cobalt Sword's Arms, but with a black coloration and purple stickers with white outlines.


These Bottom parts use the same mold as Cobalt Sword's, but the feet are black with blue-and-white stickers, along with yellow ones.


A dark purplish Trigger with a wide pad molded onto it, allowing the user to comfortably fire B-Dama with two thumbs. It is part of the Drive Shot Core (see below).

Core Part: Drive Shot Core

This Core Part features three Hold Parts in the classic "Delta" formation, along with a rubber strip to give fired marbles a Drive Spin. 

Legend Stone

No information yet.


Battle B-Daman (Manga)

Made by Armada as his "masterpiece". As Armada was trying to come up with a good name for the B-Daman, Enjyu stepped into his workshop, suggesting its name of Cobalt Geist. Right from the very beginning, however, Armada knew that Enjyu was up to no good and decided to give him an impossible test of shooting a million B-DaBalls. Enjyu, however, succeeded in doing so and Armada was forced to hand the B-Daman over. Enjyu made use of this very B-Daman to destroy the workshop, and eventually upgraded Cobalt Geist to Shred Kaiser.




  • "Geist" is German for "ghost".
  • Despite being the original form of Shred Kaiser, it came out later in the toyline.

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