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Cobalt Blade
Colbalt blade
Product Code 25 (10th Anniversary release)
41 (anime version)
Type Power
Price 680円 (Japan)
$6.99 (US)
System Zero System
Series Battle B-Daman
Release Dates
Japan July 17th 2003
(June 21st early release at 2003 Summer World Hobby Fair)
English 2005
Armor Cobalt Blade
Skeleton IBA Body
Power N/A
Rapid-Fire N/A
Control N/A
Owner Yamato Delgado
First Appearance Battle B-Daman - Episode 01
Special Move(s) Cobalt Power Blast
Spinning Cobalt Power Blast

Cobalt Blade (Japanese: コバルトブレード, Kobaruto Bureedo) is a Power-Type B-Daman; the successor of Cobalt Sword. It uses the Zero System and was first released in Japan on July 17th, 2003 for 680円, while receiving an international release in 2005, selling for $6.99 USD. It also had an early release at the 2003 Summer World Hobby Fair in Japan on June 21st, 2003.

It appears in the anime and manga series, Battle B-Daman as Yamato Delgado's first B-Daman in the anime but was his second in the manga; following Cobalt Sword.

IBA Body

As a user of the Zero System, Cobalt Blade uses a white IBA Body skeleton.

Head Armor and Visor: Cobalt Visor and Cobalt Power Blade

Cobalt Visor is compromised of two pieces of a head set-like part that are placed around the visor of the IBA Body. A square-like hole can be found at the center and provides the space for the signature horn piece for the "Cobalt" family of B-Daman. Just like its predecessor, the horn functions as improving one's accuracy when they are about to fire B-DaBalls; known as the Cobalt Power Blade (Also known in Japan as the Blade Sight). Moving the B-Daman itself will change direction of the horn--changing sight as well. It serves as a sort of "lock-on target" to the opposing B-Daman or object, in general.

Hot-rod decals can be placed on the blue Helmet, while another green sticker is made to fit-in with the visor; offering anime-esque eyes in the form of a black pupil, a blue iris and a yellow sclera. It is worth nothing that Cobalt Blade is the first of the Cobalt series to use these eyes, and this would carry over to its successors later on in the series. However, Cobalt Blade is not the first B-Daman to have anime eyes in its visor, with Super B-Daman's Fighting Phoenix having the distinction.

Wing Armor: Cobalt Power Wing

The Cobalt Power Wing (Cobalt Wing in the Japanese version) is the primary feature of Cobalt Blade and is its noteworthy feature. While at first glance it may seem as only a blue piece of plastic that emulate "wings" at the figure's back, there is more to it. The way that this piece is placed at the B-Daman's back, is that it rests atop of the B-DaBall Server with pegs inside the two little holes. As a result, this prevents the Loader from flexing and lowering stress in order to increase one's firing strength. Due to this, a normal launch without the Cobalt Power Wing will only serve as a slow, power-less launch. When one brings the Wing into the equation, however, a significant increase in Power can be noticed, and it is why this is a noteworthy piece to Cobalt Blade and to all Power-Types of the Zero System.

In addition, more hot-rod flame stickers can be placed on each Wing with "ZERO" encrypted on them.

Shoulder Armor: Cobalt Pad

Cobalt Pad is quite basic and as its name suggests, is placed on the Zero Shoulders on the skeleton. Their only actual use is to provide weight and for cosmetic purposes. Once again, hot-rod stickers can be placed on each, blue Shoulder Armor with different words depending on which shoulder; "YAMATO·D" (representing its owner, Yamato) on Cobalt Blade's right and "COBALT BLADE" on its left.

Wrist Armor: Gauntlets

The Gauntlets are similar to the Shoulder Armor in that their only real purpose is in weight-distribution and aesthetics. Linear-like red stickers can be placed on these blue pieces and the Gauntlets are placed on the forearms of the Body.

Foot Armor: Cobalt Foot

Cobalt Foot is actually more-or-less useful in that it can provide additional stability to the Zero Feet of the skeleton. This can be useful when recoil is a factor or to withstand and support magazines and other, such accessories.


Due to the way that the Zero System was designed, the Core itself is a non-removable part of the IBA Body and thus, could not be customized with other Cores; this would change in the Blaster Core System, however. Cobalt Blade's Core is quite basic with no gimmick or specialization of it. Despite this, the Core can be made stronger when one attaches the Cobalt Power Wing at the back of the B-Daman. Its Basic Hold Parts and Basic Trigger are of a red coloration.

Battle B-Daman (Anime)

Cobalt Blade was created by Armada, a brilliant inventor and a B-DaMaster, after the theft of the Zero System's blueprints, along with a prototype skeleton, by the Shadow Alliance. Given to Yamato by the B-DaMage. On Yamato's eleventh birthday, Grey came to Yamato's home in search of Cobalt Blade, which was hidden by Mie Delgado in one of cafe's walls, hoping that she would protect him by doing this. Yamato then unlocked Cobalt Blade's true power, when he used it to battle Grey, adding the eyes and flame designs through the use of his B-DaPower. Yamato would continue to unlock Cobalt Blade's abilities such as its power shots, rapid-fire capabilities, up until to when he unlocked its Cobalt Power Blast technique against Castieo. Cobalt Blade unlocks its next finishing move "Spinning Cobalt Power Blast" when Yamato defeats Liena. Sadly, Cobalt Blade's time was imminent as a hidden evil approaches. Cain McDonnell betrayed Yamato and ended up nearly destroying Cobat Blade, but the legendary B-Daman would not die there. Cobalt Blade's energy remained within its horn, and this piece is used for Cobalt Blade's evolution as Cobalt Saber.

Battle B-Daman (Manga)

In the Manga, Cobalt Blade was only made after the Manga-only Cobalt Sword was broken during Yamato's attempt to rescue Liena Grace Vincent. Yamato uses Cobalt Blade through the Semi-finals and Finals of the Winner's Tournament, and Cobalt Blade breaks again, as Joshua constantly attempted to break it during their battle on Cain's orders.

Special Attack: Cobalt Power Blast

Cobalt Blade's special attack is the Cobalt Power Blast. When it is used, Cobalt Blade fires a flaming B-DaBall. The friction of the battlefield and the increased firing strength provided by the Cobalt Power Wing is what enables the use of this attack.

Other Versions

  • Cobalt Blade Crystal Ver. -Tournament prize. Clear IBA Body and Armor with metallic decals.
  • Cobalt Blade Super 5 Game Field Crystal Ver. - Exclusive to the Sonokong Super 5 Game Field. Clear blue armor set on a clear IBA skeleton.
  • Cobalt Flare - Hasbro-exclusive variant with Giga Barrel and Support Stands
  • Midnight Blade - Hasbro-exclusive variant based on the Japanese-release Stealth Blade Armor.
  • Cobalt Blade S - Battle B-Daman Super Size series; Sonokong exclusive.
  • Cobalt Blaze - Hasbro-exclusive variant.
  • Cobalt Blade Iron Black Ver. - Black re-color of Cobalt Blade sold for a price of 1000円, as part of a promotional campaign for the Blu-Tack pressure-sensitive adhesive product. Only 6000 were produced. Comes with a metallic decal sheet with the eyes changed to a red color.
  • Cobalt Blade DHB Mode Fire Blade Ver. - Recolor exclusive to Toys"R"Us Japan. Red IBA Body with yellow Armor pieces, Basic Trigger and Basic Hold Parts. Also comes with red DHB Armor and a yellow Shield Sight.
  • Cobalt Blade Electronic DHB Ver. - Pre-built Cobalt Blade in DHB mode. Makes sounds when the trigger is pressed or the Attack Point is hit, and contains flashing lights.
  • Cobalt Blade Miniature Ver. - A smaller than normal Cobalt Blade belonging to the Mini-B series.
  • Cobalt Blade RC Ver. - A remote-controlled DHB Cobalt Blade that comes with a marble-filled acrylic glass magazine loader. Sonokong exclusive.





  • Oddly, in the anime, Cobalt Blade's horn was restored only until Yamato Delgado placed it on the incomplete Cobalt Saber as its evolution.

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