Chrome Levan DX Customize Set
Product Number 83
Price 3,129円
B-Daman Chrome Levan
3 Cores with Heads
Parts from Souryuoh, Cobalt Saber and Wing Sword
DHB Armor
DHB Adapter
Bare Ring Foot
B-Dama N/A
Japanese Release Date November 19, 2004
No to be confused with the Deluxe Customize Set

The Chrome Levan DX Customize Set (Japanese: クロムレヴァンDXカスタマイズセット, Kuromu Revu~an DX Kasutamaizu Setto) is a set released for the Battle B-Daman toy line under the Zero2 System. It was released on November 19, 2004 in Japan for 3,129円.


The Chrome Levan DX Customize Set advertises five different customizations of Chrome Levan that can be created through the included parts.

Chrome Levan Power Type

Chrome Levan Rapid Fire Type

Chrome Levan Control Type

Chrome Levan Balance Type

Chrome Levan DHB Type



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