Chrome Lancer
Product Code 02
Type Rapid-Fire
Price 880円
System DHB System
Series Battle B-Daman
Release Dates
Japan March 21, 2002
(January 26 early release @ 2002 Winter WHF)
English Never
System does not use parts.
Power N/A
Rapid-Fire N/A
Control N/A
Owner Gray Michael Vincent (manga only)
First Appearance Battle B-Daman Vol. 1
Special Move(s)

Chrome Lancer is a Rapid-Fire-Type DHB System B-Daman and the second release in the Battle B-Daman franchise, which started in Japan on March 21st, 2002, and it sold for 880円. It also had an early release in the 2002 Winter World Hobby Fair on January 26th, 2002. It is Gray's first B-Daman in the manga.

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