Byakuga Shiranui (Manga)
Manga Byakuga
Basic Information
Hair Cream
Eyes Green
Age Unknown
Occupation B-Der
West Area B-Master
B-Daman Kreis=Raydra
Japanese Voice Actor N/A
English Voice Actor N/A
This article is for the manga version of Byakuga Shiranui. For their anime counterpart, see Byakuga Shiranui.

Byakuga Shiranui (Japanese: 不知火ビャクガ, Shiranui Byakuga) is a character appearing in the manga series, Cross Fight B-Daman by Makoto Mizobuchi. His B-Daman is Kreis=Raydra.



Byakuga first appeared to be cold and super calm to the point that he was mistaken for a robot. After witnessing Kamon's power-up, he became a bit livelier.



Byakuga Shiranui is the West Area B-Master. He was tasked by the Grand B-Master to defeat Kamon Godai.

Cross Fight B-Daman (Manga)




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