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Byakuga Shiranui
Basic Information
Hair Platinum-blonde
Eyes Light gray
Age Unknown
Occupation Western B-Master
heir to the Shiranui Corporation (former)
Shiranui Corporation CEO (as of ES052)
B-Daman Kreis=Raydra
Japanese Voice Actor Akeno Watanabe
English Voice Actor TBA

Byakuga Shiranui is a former antagonist appearing in B-Daman Fireblast. His B-Daman is no less than the White Tiger of the West, Kreis=Raydra. He is the B-Master of the Western Area of Crest Land, and the hated arch-rival of Kagero Ogami.



Byakuga is cool-headed, quiet, and reserved of himself. Prior to becoming the Western B-Master, he was snobbish, and was friends with Genta.



Before becoming a B-Master, he was the heir of Crest Land's prominent Shiranui Corporation, and held a friendship with someone who would become the Northern B-Master; Genta. However, he and his father was targeted by Genta's Father, and ended up getting cast out. He was taken off the streets one fateful stormy day by none other than the Grand B-Master, Ryoma Godai himself. After becoming the Western B-Master, he had his memories taken away from him and his heart sealed by Ryoma, to ensure his loyalty. As the Western B-Master of Crest Land, Byakuga is highly feared and respected by both his fellow B-Ders and the Master Guardians, due to his incomparable power, lightning-fast reflexes, and pin-point accuracy in battle. At one point, he has dealt a devastating defeat to Kagero Ogami in a Road Fight challenge of an unspecified nature.

B-Daman Fireblast


  • Oddly enough, an image file of Byakuga from the official website for the anime suggests that his name is "Byaliga", resulting from a misunderstanding of how his name is formed.
  • Byakuga's name comes from Byakko, the Japanese name for the White Tiger of the West, one of the five Heavenly Beasts of the Wu Xing, and Shiranui means "phosphorescent light" in Japanese.


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