The opening to Battle B-Daman.  
Battle B-Daman English Opening-100:59

Battle B-Daman English Opening-1


Ready! Set!


In ancient times, the challenge was made,

A sport of honor so many have played,

Through all the highs and lows,

Victory or disaster,

Only the best can be called.... B-DACHAMPION!!!


Get ready! Here we go! Take down your foe,                                                                                                                      

You got the skill to decide, come on! B-DAFIRE!!!

A tournament of champions! A battle for the crown!

Suited up in armor to lay the challenge down!

Lay the challenge down!


Get into position!

Prepare for competition!

Destroy the opposition! B-DAMAN!!!

Time to battle! Since Time Began!

Only the most skilled can be called masters of B-Daman!


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