The B-DaWinds of Change
Battle b-daman 139 the b-dawinds of change 000106981
English (Dubbed) The B-DaWinds of Change
English (Translated)
Japanese (Katakana) 恐怖のビーダー特訓場!
Japanese (Romanised)
Series Details
Season Battle B-Daman
Episode Number 39
Debut Airdate(s)
Japan September 27, 2004
United States August 21, 2005
Theme Music
Opening (Japanese) B-FIRE
Ending (Japanese) FOREVER
Opening (English) B-DaFire
Ending (English) {{{ed-theme-en}}}
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Food Fight Over Troubled Water

The B-DaWinds of Change is the thirty-ninth episode of the Battle B-Daman series. It first aired in Japan on September 27, 2004.


The guys stop while Bull repairs Wing Ninja, and the cafe stops to fill up on gas. They end up stopping in Sly's home town where Marda B. is at his work again, and once again Liena is targeted to become his slave. Will Wen and Li agree to Sly's training to keep them all safe? Can Sly help the resistance defeat Marda B? Find out as the B-DaWinds of Change airs today.



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