The Lion's Den
Battle b-daman 137 the lions den 000121913
English (Dubbed) The Lion's Den
English (Translated)
Japanese (Katakana) 栄光のビーダー学園
Japanese (Romanised)
Series Details
Season Battle B-Daman
Episode Number 37
Debut Airdate(s)
Japan September 13, 2004
United States August 13, 2005
Theme Music
Opening (Japanese) B-FIRE
Ending (Japanese) FOREVER
Opening (English) B-DaFire
Ending (English) {{{ed-theme-en}}}
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Yamato Versus the Masked Marble Part 2 Food Fight

The Lion's Den is the thirty-seventh episode of the Battle B-Daman series. It first aired in Japan on September 13, 2004.


Assado returns to join Yamato and the others after finishing his B-Daman training journey. He offers to take them to see the B-Daman Academy he's attending. But something strange is happening to all the students. Does Marda B. and the Neo-Shadow Alliance have anything to do with it?



Featured B-Da Battles


  • This is the first episode where Cain McDonnell and Joshua join the Neo-Shadow Alliance. This is ironic in a way, because Cain previously destroyed Cobalt Blade, when Marda B. wanted it. So they were indirectly working against each other previously.



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