Basic Information
Hair Yellow
Eyes Purple
Occupation Leader of Death Poker Alliance
B-Daman Disguise
Japanese Voice Actor {{{JapVoice}}}
English Voice Actor {{{EngVoice}}}


Badmada is a purple cat wearing purple robe.




Previously, Badmada was Armada's rival. After losing as B-damaster, Badmada formed Death Poker Alliance.

Battle B-Daman Fire Spirits (Video Game)

Initially, Badmada disguised as Armada and lived in Armada's House. Yamato met him when Yamato tried to meet Armada. Not knowing that the Armada he met is Badmada in disguise, he handed over the petrified parts. Badmada then trains him in Balloon Shoot mini game.

In Winners Tournament, after Terry found the last petrified part, Badmada, disguised as Armada, took the part and revealed his true self. He then destroyed the arena and invited Yamato to Sealed Island.

In the Island, Badmada revived Disguise and tried to fight Yamato. After his lost while not being able to fully revived Disguise, Joker took the B-Daman and revealed its full power. After Joker's defeat, Badmada made up with Armada and the rest of Death Poker Alliance member followed him.




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