The B-Master Battle was a tournament held in the anime series, B-Daman Fireblast. It took place from War! The B-Master Battle until You're the Eastern B-Master, lasting a span of four episodes. The winner of the tournament was given the position of "Eastern B-Master" by Ryoma Godai.


B-Der B-Daman Result
Kamon Godai Drive=Garuburn Champion
Riki Ryugasaki Rising=Dracyan Runner-Up
Samuru Shigane Sonic=Dravise Semi-Finalist
Simon Sumiya Mach=Sasword Semi-Finalist
Basara Kurobuchi Stream=Drazeros Semi-Finalist
Kagero Ogami Gunlock=Wolg Semi-Finalist
Mitsuru Hachisuka Slot=Beedle Qualifying
Yuki Washimura Across=Eagle Qualifying
Natsumi Inaba One Sided=Rabbit Qualifying
Various other B-Ders Generic B-Daman Qualifying






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