B-Daman Wiki's Image Policy is as follows:

  • Images must be titled correctly.
    • If an image partains to an episode/theme, the epicode must be included. Eg: File:ES001_IMAGETITLE.png.
    • If an image involves a character, the characters name must be included, unless associated with another article as well. Eg: File:KakeruRyugasakiOfficial.png.
    • If an image involves a B-Daman, the full B-Daman's name should be used. Eg: DriveGaruburnOfficial.png
  • Uploaded images must not be personal, unless permitted by an administrator. Non-permitted files will be deleted, and the uploader will be warned.
  • Images must have a license chosen to go with it.
  • Images must be given a description. For example, an image about Kakeru Ryugasaki could have "Image of Kakeru Ryugasaki from CF001".Template:Policies

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