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Featured Character
Kodoh Kuraki

This month's Featured Character is
Kodoh Kuraki

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Cobalt Blade Episode

This month's Featured Episode is
Cobalt Blade

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Featured Location
South Crest Land

This month's Featured Location is
Crest Land

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Release Schedule
Country Product Code Name Price Release Date
BD-50 Drive Garuburn N/A September 2014
BD-51 Sonic Dravise N/A September 2014
BD-52 Slot Stinger N/A September 2014
BD-61 Kreis Raydra with Scope Magazine N/A September 2014
BD-66 Stream Drazeros with Tornado Magazine N/A September 2014
N/A Break Bomber Battlefield (Fireblast) N/A September 2014
BD-57 Detonate Wolg N/A TBA
All releases are tentative and may change at any time
Upcoming and Recent Episodes
Country Upcoming Episodes Code
JapanFlag Series Hiatus
Returns at a TBD date
125x125px TBD
UnitedStatesFlag Series Hiatus
Returns at a TBD date
125x125px TBD
Country Latest Episodes Code
JapanFlag Showdown at the Summit! Kamon VS Kakeru!!
11/08/2013, 8:30 A.M. JST
ESJ52 ES052
UnitedStatesFlag This is it! The final match!
01/18/2014, 10:30 A.M. EST
ItalyFlag The Final Match! Phoenix Grand Prix!
10/20/2014, 17:00 CET
125x125px FBE26
Episode title names are tentative; translations may vary.
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